2010 Camaro - 200 Shot

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  1. All someone has to do is take a new GT500 and make it eat a ZR1. Entirely possible with the price difference. Twisties are another story however.....

    But with the Edmunds test of the '10 GT500 getting 511 rwhp, it's very possible it'll run with that Camaro with a set of slicks.

    I also say when I saw that nitrous purge, I think of rice and F&F sooooo take that for what it's worth.
  2. ^^^^ Because of Nitrous? I dont see how you get that, I mean you must really think low of Forced Induction then Eh? See my point?
  3. Am I the only one who isnt really that impressed? You take an already fast 426hp car and add a 200 shot and it gets mid 11s. So what. I mean that is fast for sure but the car has 600+ hp at the motor. It SHOULD be that fast.
  4. ^^^^ Dont make more of it than it is, its just cool to see a car take a big shot of the gas, thats all....
  5. Ya 150 hp of spray, c'mon guys 11.50's.... That's like 4.6 2v stuff.

    Nitrous Emergency -- Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords


    99 GT automatic runs 13.87 w/under drives and 3.73 gear w/cai --- We all know how well the 4.6 2V takes to those kind of mods... LOL.

    75 shot ---runs 13.0's

    100 shot 12.30's @ 108

    I would bet that with a progressive set up leaving on 100 shot and adj to 150 after the first 60 ft this auto tragic 'Stang would have been all over the big bad SS.

    The girl driving the car wanted to run a 150 shot for an 11 second run, but without a timing adj. they decided against it.

    If you scroll down, the car appears to be an automatic.

    Can anyone find any articles or specimens of Stone Stock S-197's using a 150 shot?
  6. Your saying a 2v 4.6 can run an 11.50 bonestock with a 150shot? Hell maybe so.......of course it would PUKE its guts and Internals everywhere after a few shots :)
  7. Did I miss something or did the GT 500 have NO Burnout ... Cmon . what kind of driver cant light up the tires in one of those cars ???
  8. I think he did, but the camara guy just focused on the Camaro
  9. Yeah I personally hate the new camaros, the old '69s were awesome but now they look like S---, I get complimented on my Mustang all time on how good it looks compared to the other new remakes.
  10. Thanks for sharing