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  1. Doesn't matter how you spin it the 2010 Mustang is a better car. The Camaros HP advantage doesn't even matter to me because most Mustangs don't stay stock for long anyways. Mine sure haven't. The Camaro is pig fat also. It's a shame the log out back can outhandle your "superior" IRS too. I'd take a 4th gen over a 5th gen any day of the week.

    Look at all the problems the new Camaro has had. The wheel weight issue was a complete joke. Transmissions that are ticking timebombs. Paint that just jumps off the bumpers. Headlights and radios that are moisture traps. Seriously, a Bumblebee edition. LMAO. Dealers ready to drop a warranty at the drop of a hat. Quick pull your fuse overnight so you get the rated horsepower. Waiting FOREVER just to get one. OMG these are some huge blidspots. Rear wing bolts falling off. Front spoilers falling off. OOOPS my starter cable just took a dump. I would roll down the window but the switch died again. Not to mention the huge list of items that you need to check before even leaving the lot. Etc, Etc.

    Enjoy your Camaro but don't think a REAL Mustang lover will kiss your behind for it. In the end you will never get past the weight issue and the Mustang will always need less horsepower to keep up. So I will take the lower horsepower GT and be twice as happy. OH wait!!!! The Mustang is getting 400hp in 2011. The V6 is getting 300hp too. Decision made, Mustang it is.

    have a nice day.
  2. Another thing.........

    Mustangs were called 5.0 way before Vanilla Ice came around. Vanilla Ice was trying SOOOO hard to be cool that he decided to mention the "5.0" in his song. You know why??? Because the "5.0" was the cool car to have back then. If you want street cred better talk about what's the best on the street. The Mustang was the #1 COOL car. Just look back at some old movies and music videos and you'll see why Vanilla Ice was reppin' FORD so hard.

    Have a nice day
  3. this was my personal favorite:

    More Problems Arise From the 2010 Camaro - Nose Cracks at High Speed | Bush's Auto Blog
  4. I know this post is old as dirt, but hell...I'm just now seeing it, lol. Yeah, Evan is just that good. I watched him take an 03 Cobra back in April of 02 (just before it's summer release) and run a 12 flat on the stock F1's in all fairness, it did have a Lightning pulley, but still. my bone stock, down to the paper filter, 142,000 mile Trans Am went 13.4X @ 106 on the 16" wheels with the crappy Goodyear tires on it...granny shifting and with a 2.0 60'

    2010 Camaros are too heavy, but look good

    2010 MGTs sticker at the same damn price and have 315 hp, ugh

    I like both cars, but they both disappoint me for different reasons. I'm waiting for a more powerful offering from both camps...

    I like Corvettes, but really need something with a back seat

    just my .02:D
  5. Wow, "All Or Nothing" is right! He sure likes to see his post-count rise! He sure does go "All-Out," doesn't he? Ever hear of "multi-quote?" No, instead, I had to sift through your plethora of BS that I've already said. If you EVER bothered to read BEFORE you typed, you'd see that everything you've said about the 2010 Camaro, I'VE ALREADY SAID.

    So, that being said, and since I've already wasted 4 minutes of my time wasting my time reading your broken record, I'm just going to waste a few more moments of my time.

    I don't own a 2010 Camaro. I WOULDN'T own a 2010 Camaro. Now, do yourself a favor, and go back and re-read the things being said in this thread BEFORE wasting not only my time and everyone else's, but your own. Mmmkay? :notnice:

    Now, that being established, I'll bet you feel really, REALLY dumb, knocking on "my" 2010 Camaro; or maybe you don't. Nah, you probably don't. It's okay, you'll figure out a way to save face. You could always bash on my 4th Generation Camaro. I mean, after all, it only took Ford 9 years to give the Mustang 300 hp, a hp figure still 5 hp LOWER than that of a 1996 Camaro SS.

    But, don't worry. I like the 2010 Mustang. In fact, I may even buy one. So, you go ahead and rattle on about how GM cars suck. I'm not the tool that plays the "brand loyalty" game of a dumb, uneducated teenie-bopper or redneck.

    Have a nice day. :rlaugh:
  6. Well I'm glad you feel better about yourself then. Did you need the internet to accomplish this?

    It's obvious you were trying to stir the pot with the Vanilla Ice comments but I see you didn't respond to that.
  7. Ummm, no. Since the "mullet" comment came up, I just figured I'd point out those little stereotypes from the other side, too.

    As for making myself feel better, I feel great. I have my health, a great wife and family, a beautiful home, steaks in the freezer, two awesome cars, five kick-a$$ guitars, some nice luxuries, and a lot to be grateful for. Pointing out your mistakes doesn't register anywhere near the top of my list.

    Now, this is where you try to insult me, and then tell me, "Prove it," right? :rolleyes:
  8. You know you dont have too be a dick and rub it in. I need too figure out what the hell is wrong with my grill before I can have any of those (I refuse too cook them any other way).
  9. ^^^^ Look Topspeed....we already talked about this.....your getting a 370Z :)
  10. Topspeed, what are you even doing here? You done own a mustang, sure you "plan" on buying one but you DON'T have one. Shoot I plan on buying a 911 one day too but you don't see me plaguing their forums pointint out their cars weak points. Stick to your pos GM forums.
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  11. I don't think that's fair. He is a car enthusiast, and he probably knows as much about the 2010 mustang as half the people on here do. I own one and he probably knows more about mine than I do.

    I am the one that made the mullet comment, and I really wasn't calling camaro owners mullet people, but the point I was making is that the camaro owners should try to distance themselves from that stupid Transformer movie, because if they don't, they are going to be seen with that label just as they were with the mullet label.

    Now, with all that being said, I still, when thinking about camaro owners, have those visual images just emblazoned in my brain of all those goofy mullet wearing, vinyl jacket sporting, camaro owners.

    And yeah, he is probably going to get a 370Z, and not saying that is the thing to do, but I would bet that you could buy a comparably equipped mustang for, at least, 5,000 dollars cheaper....something to think about.
  12. I'm not rubbing anything in. I'm not the one that came on here attacking people, saying their cars suck. He comes into this thread, then starts running his mouth off at me for no reason. He wasn't even part of the conversation. If he wants to dish it out, he better learn how to take it. It's not my fault he has a bruised ego. Nobody's rubbing anything in. He's the one that claimed I felt better for "insulting" him. No, I didn't insult him. He jumped down my throat for things that never happened, things I never said, and even jumped down my throat about a car that I don't even own.

    Thank you for showing your ignorance. Out of the few ignoramouses I've been unfortunate enough to run into on this site, you are certainly the most blissful of the bunch.

    Thank you. You are absolutely right; I don't care what the name on the badge is. I'll just as quickly own a Mustang as I will a 350Z or any other AWD/RWD performance car, save for anything Korean.

    Frankly, I think the whole Transformers/Camaro thing is nothing short of an embarassment; just as much as the 2010 Camaro itself. It's a fat, ugly, cartoonish "concept car for the street." It is not cool, it never was cool, and will never be cool. Its place is in a parade with some old coot behind the wheel while his chubby wife in her straw hat waves to the crowd while holding an American flag out the window.

    The Transformers Edition Camaro is no cooler than a frosty-pink "Mary-Kay" Cadillac DTS.
  13. Since when is pointing out the obvious ignorant? You don't have mustang yet here you are. I could understand if you came on here asking questions about a car you may buy, instead your talking up your camaro like its the best car ever made. Sell your bucket and get a stang and ill say welcome aboard, until then stay in your crappy GM forums.
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  14. :nonono:

    Dude, you have the maturity of a bratty 15 year old. I didn't own a Mustang for 2 years and I still came on this site regularly because I'm an enthusiast. You don't have to own one to be on here. Of everyone that posts here TopSpeed seems to be one of the more intelligent of the bunch.
  15. Dude it was a joke. It just gave me a reason too **** about my grill and how I cant have a steak until it's fixed or I get a new one.
  16. Thanks for that, man, but really, there's no need to defend my being against this guy. He doesn't need anyone's help to look bad. He does a fine job on his own.

    I'll give him a reason to gloat. I've been on this site for some time now, and 95% of the people I've conversed with here are more respectful to Camaro owners than the Camaro owners are to each other on the Camaro sites.

    Okay, ya got me. :doh: That was a good one. ;)

    FWIW, we fired up our grill this evening and I can't figure out for the life of me why the flame is so...small. I just got the propane refilled, and all was cool until I used this tank. I've checked to make sure gas is getting to all the necessary places and nothing was loose or disconnected, but no matter, I'm still stuck with a less-than-stellar flame for cooking. Now, I have two $15 steaks sitting in my fridge which will probably wind up being cooked on a stove in a freakin' skillet. Damned if my $30 worth of steak is going to go in the garbage! :mad:
  17. So of all the fun things to reply to in this thread I pick this. *commence reply*

    Dude! Don't do it. Throw those bad boys in the oven smothered in onions, mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup. Pan fried is not cool. Hell the George Foreman would be better than that. haha. ;)

    Oh yeah, GO FORDS! Chevys suck! ;) Just joking...kinda... :p
  18. Fast05, your an idiot, but how is that relavent? It isn't. Difference between you and I is I have a set of nuts to tell it like it is and you clearly don't. So go ahead and continue brown nose the so called "enthusiasts" on this site.
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  19. Well let's see......The title of this thread is "2010 Camaro". I never quoted you, I never made a mention of you in my post. I never reffered to you or even in the slightest hinted that my rant was directed towards you. I simply made some comments about the thread title. Here let me make it really clear for you.


    Since you got all butt hurt and assumed I was talking about you then that was just too bad. Seems to me you like the 2010 Camaro way more than you want to admit if you whine this hard even when I wasn't talking directly to you. Grow up and as you say "RE-READ" what I wrote. When people lash out so quickly like you I do assume it's just some internet bravery going on. I know you probably felt really proud with your rant on me even tho' I could care less about anything you said.

    So in summary you are the idiot for NOT reading the thread and yes GM sucks.

    Have a nice day
  20. Dude even I believed your comment was directed at him. If it truely was'nt then why was'nt it made long ago when you first posted in this thread? And why is it when you post over here you claim that GM suck's but on the Camaro5 forum you've claimed you would consider buying one?