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  1. First of all it wasn't directed at him. No need to lie. I ranted because of a post I seen on Camaro5 but we all know the ban hammer comes out quick there.

    there is a lot that needs to change for me to buy one. The LS3 is the only reason to consider one now, it is yet to be seen if any of the long list of other things will be addressed. Pretty evident on my posts. Go ahead and research and find some comment I made over there. It will just prove my point.

    Don't try to turn this around. I ranted and he got butt hurt. I never even had him in my thoughts when i typed my post.
  2. I'm not going too waste my time searching, I know you have said it, and you yourself just admited that you would consider it. And I did'nt try and turn anything around, I was just letting you know that I believed it was directed toward's him, so I can see why he did. I also have too say they are pretty lenient over there on C5.
  3. Because he's a troll who hops from forum to forum...

  4. I didn't say I liked the Camaro. I said that if they addressed all the problems I have with it I would consider it. Will that happen? Probably not. I owned a Camaro before, no biggie, but in crunch time I will take a Mustang first.

    Believe me I didn't even think about Topspeed when i wrote that post. It is very clear that he hates the new Camaro. He is one of the few people I remember before joining that truly showed a very big dislike for that car. Any member or lurker here should already know that. Not a big surprise at all.
  5. Yeah, maybe that's the way to go with those steaks LOL!

    Okay, calm down, ex-lax. I know you're on a Ford site and you think that by bashing the guy with the Camaro, everybody's going to stand up behind you and agree with you, saying, "YEAH, YOU SHOW'EM," but you'd be very wrong.

    You see, a lot of the people here in this thread are people I converse with on a near-daily basis, and we get along just great, and even those of us who disagree; we're civil to each other.

    The diarrhea spewing from your keyboard will not get you anywhere on this site. Most of the members here have brains, and they choose to use those brains. They don't just follow some troll around, taking his/her back, because he/she stands up and screams, "GM SUCKS, AND SO DO CAMAROS!"

    Take notice of what's going on here. Even the people who own Mustangs and don't like Camaros aren't agreeing with your behavior. You can call me an "idiot" all you like, but the true idiot here is the one who thinks people are going to side with him just because he owns a Mustang.

    You are a prime example of the type of person who adds to the sometimes-negative stereotype of Mustang owners. It would be an honor for me to be the first to thank you from the bottom of my heart for buying a Mustang instead of a Camaro.
  6. Ok so then why would you say GM suck's? I mean I can understand that if you outright just did'nt like them, but if you are considering one if thing's change, then how can you think they suck.

  7. WOW.

    I really wasn't talking to you. I felt like ranting is all. Looking back i guess I can see how you may have thought that but I wasn't even thinking TOPSPEED when i posted.

    No one has to defend me or side with me. Yes I called you an idiot because I wasn't talking about you initially but that was after all the stuff you directed towards me. You thought I was refering to you and I was stunned at the response.

    And Mean Mike. Yes I said GM sucks. Generally I think they do. However I would drive a ZR1 all day. Overwhelmingly I don't like the new Camaro, however if GM fixed all the bad then yes I could think about getting one. Would I want a 2010 Camaro right now? NO. Could GM actually get it right next time. Maybe. I LOVE FORD but it doesn't blind me to other cars. If that were the case I wouldn't have bought my 6 series or any of the other non-Ford cars in my driveway.

    Honestly I think this whole mess was just a missunderstanding. I was ranting in general and TOPSPEED took offense so I responded as strongly as he did. Take it or leave it. This went from my frustrated rant to something totally not intended.
  8. Riiiggghhhhtt....I'm the idiot, keep telling yourself that and maybe it will come true. The rest of us will just sit back and watch you make an ass out of yourself spewing your ignorant thoughts. Isn't it past your bedtime kiddie?
  9. I was'nt even going too waste my time with him.
  10. Yea, I'm not going to anymore, he does a good job looking stupid all on his own.
  11. Past my bedtime? Your mom didn't think so. Post back when you and fast05 are done blowing each other and grow a set of nuts.
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  12. I didn't read all the posts since my last comment, but I really don't care to much. Anyway I did see that you mentioned it took Ford 9 years to give the Mustang 300hp? What about the 96 Cobra that had 305hp? You can try and rip on me all you want, have fun.
  13. Why rip on you. I stand corrected. I was talking about regular GT's but if I'm wrong I'm wrong.:shrug:
  14. Again, you FAILED to read before you typed. He was talking to me. I said that "it took Ford 9 years to build a Mustang with less hp than a 1996 SS."

    Okay, I'm busted. I sure did overlook the SN95 Cobras. I stand corrected. :nonono:
  15. Ya know what's really funny? I mean, it sucks where this thread is heading, but we've got two Ford fanboys that talk about how the Camaro sucks, and this and that, and then when called out, their stories change. We have one that says, "Well, I was never talking to him. I never said the Camaro sucks," and then the other that resorts to "Your mom" jokes, clearly setting in stone that he's nothing more than a 15 year old who's probably taking photos of his dad's car, then posting them like it's his, or maybe his dad just signed up for a StangNet | Ford Mustang Blog & Forums account because he got a new Stang and his kid decided to take it upon himself to "invade" StangNet | Ford Mustang Blog & Forums and start trouble, attempting to fight the good "Mustang Rules!" fight...

    Whatever the case, they've both managed to look like tools without the help of any outside sources. Given their lame attempts at establishing a fan-base and/or "rounding the troops" for an all-out war on the GM guys on this forum, they've failed big time, and now they realize that nobody is going to back their little "jihad." I predict the both of them will either just throw out one more post in a bold, last-chance attempt to save some face, or they will just quietly stick their heads back in the sand and scurry away.

    "Your mom" insults are where I draw the line. Once the "your mom" insult rears its head, It's clear as to what/who I'm dealing with; an infant.
  16. Give him more credit than that...he's at least a toddler.

    This thread is getting a little off topic and it's sad people have to resort to insults of calling people idiots and making "your mom" jokes. We're all grown adults, at least most of us are probably, some on here need to start acting like it. :Zip2:

    When you said "9 years to give it 300HP" I also just assumed you were talking about the GTs, because I thought that's what we were talking about in the first place anyway. Bringing the Cobra into the story kind of changes things a little bit but that's like saying the GT500 has 540HP now yet due to crap tires and/or suspension can only muster half a second better than a Camaro. Granted trap speed is considerably higher...I'd say when people start fixing that problem we will see these things in very low 12s and high 11s with someone that doesn't drive like "my mom" (sorry I had to throw that one in for comic relief)

  17. LMAO....glad you're having fun. If you choose not to believe I wasn't referring to you then that's fine by me. If I wanted to refer to you i would have quoted you or said your name or something but see it as you want.

    I don't need or want anyone to help or defend me. Now it's just funny since you obviously just feel like taking your anger out on me. Go ahead and type away. This is the internet and this forum has no bearing on my daily life. I will continue to post and it won't change a thing.

  18. How did I know who he was talking about. I had posted in another forum that Ford had taken 9 years to hit 300hp and now we get a 100hp jump in a year. Since other people were talking about Camaro5 I assumed he was referring to my other post.

    Simple misunderstanding. No need to feel like this was some personal challenge. I think you took this way overboard when you could have just accepted the fact that I was not referring to you. Yes I retalliated but, Hey, I was hit from left field with your response.
  19. And there it is; the last attempt to "save face."

    I don't know how else I can stress to you the fact that I am not angry or angry at you. The only emotion of mine that you evoke is sympathy. I simply just feel sorry for you.

    I think it's time for you to move on now, okay? All of us have, so why don't you?
  20. Umm, I think it was pretty much pointed out by more than one member in this forum that they all got the impression you were talking to me. Now, you say that you weren't. It's okay, dude. Really. You're just a dollar late, dollar short. The proof is already in what you've previously said. Just drop it.

    So, back on topic. Ford got a 100 hp "bump" in a year? Since when? Ford has not released ANY hp figures for the 2011 Mustang GT. In fact, Ford reps have said numerous times that they are not releasing ANY specs on the 2011 GT until December. That's just grand that everyone seems to think that this magical 5.0L making 400 hp is on the horizon for the GT, but until Ford says it, quit making it out to be something that's a sure thing. You don't know any more than the rest of us at this point. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Ford releases a statement that the GT will continue to use the 4.6L, while "limited editions" or "upgraded" Mustangs such as a "Mach 1" or a "Boss" would be the cars employing the 400 hp 5.0L.