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  1. You got it TOPSPEED.

    So what was going on before all the commotion started.
  2. What was going on? You and your little buddy running your mouths with the GM-bashing is what was going on.

    Everyone has moved on. Just let it go. It'll be better for everyone, starting off with yourself. Everyone just wants to forgive and forget. Just drop it. Consider it a second chance, and an opportunity to gain yourself some credibility.

  3. I got my fingers crossed on the 400hp GT. Never know. The numbers might not be right but it will wonderful if it is.
  4. I whole-heartedly agree. I don't think the current 4.6L is a bad motor. It makes a reasonable amount of power, and given the lighter weight of the Mustang GT compared to its competitors, it does the job okay, even if it's not as fast down the 1/4 mile. Personally, I'd rather have a lighter car with less power than a heavier car with more power, but that's just me.

    As for a 400 hp GT, that would be awesome, especially if Ford can keep the weight within a few lbs of its current weight, but a lot of rumors are floating that the new 2011 GT will weigh upwards of 3800-3900 lbs, more than likely due to an updated 6spd manual transmission, plus the increased size of the engine. IMO, that's way to heavy for a performance car of any kind, whether it be a grand tourer, sports car, muscle car, or what have you. In that case, I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'll be buying a 2010 GT and supercharging it. A weight increase like that will negate any power increase to be received, plus have a negative effect on the handling.

    As for other news, like the 2010 Camaro, GM thinks they're going to add a "Track Pack" of their own. Yeah, like that'll work; a 4000 lb car that "handles." :rlaugh: In that case, maybe it'll handle like the Carnival "Valor" as opposed to Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas." :rlaugh:
  5. Just ordered a Foot Print pedal for my New 5th gen camaro I havent ordered !!!!

    Love the stereotypes......Ive owned mustangs as well.....which is why im wearing my Confederate Flag teeshirt with my trucker hat while emailing every ford dealer about my Interest in the new Mustang !!

    What alot of crap ive read these past few pages, Some of you are the most disrespectfull members ive ever encountered.

    This is a forum, and the admins have encouraged and supported off topic threads,such as the 2010 Camaro thread....which is by far the most active thread on this entire forum :) .....to those that oppose, I suggest you dont click on the " 2010 Camaro " thread, those that are open minded and enjoy american muscle.....please enjoy !!!
  6. What kind of cheese would you like with that whine?
  7. I am not a GM hater....I hate all car companies about the same, but seriously, put a ford thread in the camaro forums and this thread will seem as loving as a barney episode compared to what those guys would say.
  8. No whining here.......that was left up to you and the other 10 guys you were arguing with :rlaugh:
  9. 19,000 Back Orders

    GM ramps up Ingersoll plant - thestar.com

    "Meanwhile, Oshawa's GM plant is enjoying a renaissance with a huge demand for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, that, by far, is outstripping supply. According to a report, the back order for the new Camaro is up to 19,000, with a three-month waiting list. Once it hits peak production, the Oshawa plant will be producing 2,200 a week."

    For those that care, it seems business is great for the Camaro !!! It needs to continue strong if it plans to stick around !
  10. I still dont get where all these number's are coming from when you can easily find a Camaro new or used. Either way I say good for GM. I personally cant stand the look of it but apparently some can. But it is still way too early too say wether it will last.
  11. all the dealers around here have several camaros but priced at 40 grand.
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  12. I have seen several on the roads lately and have decided that while the profile is a nice looking car I find the front and rear not so attractive and more in the lines of corvetteish look which I dont like vettes at all. The grill looks like it is smiling. :)
  13. Back then when I bought my 86GT it was the best bang for the buck. Nowadays, with pricing of the Stang and 2010 Camaro SS about the same at around 35K-I'd rather take the SS with 426hp over 315hp anyday-thank you. Test drove 2 SS already and both had lots of power. As long it's American Muscle I am all for it...
  14. This thread is like a stale fart. Every time I turn around, I feel like I'm walking through it again.

    How old is this thread? Like, months?

  15. Well that might be the case but one my local dealers has 4 Camaros on the lot right now and they have all been sitting there for the last month :shrug:
  16. Have seen several on the roads this past weekend passing thru Alabama an one of em was a hot lil blonde driving a yellow 6r with *GRITS* wrote on the window. :nice: Another I saw in Illinois was an interesting orange metallic. :)
  17. I just ordered my stang and will keep watching this thread.

    I also looked at camaro's but when I went to the lots around here, even with the promotions, no deal and 6% interest. Starting at 46grand Canadian (1ss). Your kidding right, who gets all that interest. Ya gm probably neads it but too bad. O ya and 6months to a year to get it. At least then some of the kinks might be worked out.
    I wont even start wiht the challengers, 8% interest on a 39000 car with CLOTH SEATS and jack for option. Thats GT price here in alberta and they also wont deal.
    My stang was interest free and tax free (the dealer ate that just for me:smile:). Shaker 500, Leather etc....
    O well this is the third mustang and I totally gave GM a chance, I would drive a cam, well I seriosly considered it. But GM wont play.
  18. :stupid:
  19. 2010 Camaro - November Sales

    Camaro - 6,687

    Mustang - 3,627

    Challenger - 2,040

    Im sure we'll see figures drop for the next couple of months due to the time of year.
  20. You'll be much happier with the Mustang. It may not be as fast, but it sure as Hell looks light-years better.