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  2. I think both cars have the same aesthetic issue. Both cars look like the designers were on there A game starting from the front then just said screw it I'm going home by the time they go to the rear, Leaving only the janitor to finish it. Now with that being said Id personal own ether one and have no regrets.
  3. Look at the Camaro next to any other generation FBody and you will quickly see that the GM designers were on anything but their A-Game. The 5th Generation Camaro is one of those cars that looks good when there isn't anything else around it. Get a few cars around it, and it quickly becomes not only comical to look at, but clumsy looking.
  4. And a little bit like a fat cow :D
  5. The 5th Generation Camaro is nothing short of laughable. In fact, I think I even read a recent article about a Hennessey Camaro with nearly 550-600 hp that ran a mid 12 second 1/4 at around 118 mph? What a sorry joke...
  6. The more Camaros I see on the road the less I like about them. Everybody talks about how the ass end of the '10 stang is ugly but the camaro takes the cake.

    I got behind one the other day on the highway and it actually took me a min before I realized it was a Camaro. (3 car lenghts behind). Didn't even look like a muscle car, to me it looked more like some kind of bloated GM sedan.

    Like someone said earlier in this thread, the sides of the car don't mesh well with the front and the rear of the car. It's kind of like the design attempts to be sleek yet the sides form an edge on all four corners which kills the flow of the car.

    The fact that the car dwarfs everything in sight doesn't help either.

    It definately has a huge presence on the road but not in a good way.
  7. The back end of the Mustang certainly isn't the best of design, but I don't think it's as bad as people here make it out to be. Unlike the Camaro's rear, the Mustang's can look good with the addition of the right spoiler or rear diffuser.

    The 5th Generation Camaro never looked good. The first time I saw it, I wanted to vomit. As for that car having presence, does it ever, and like you said, "Not in a good way." A guy in our Camaro club has one, and I never realized how ugly that car really was until sitting next to a buddy of mine's 4th Generation and a few 3rd Generations...
  8. Luckily for GM most ppl dont think like you.....
  9. Actually, they do. GM needed two bailouts, didn't they? Yeah, they did...
  10. Yea...believe it or not, the Camaro is NOT going to save GM and it's horendous management/design/quality problems.
  11. The only reason I care if GM sticks around is because I'll need parts for my Camaro. Other than that, I couldn't care less what happens to them.

    But, you're right, the Camaro isn't going to save GM...it's going to be the $40,000 Volt (according to GM execs...)! :rlaugh:

    Yeah, that's right, a $40,000 electric car is going to save GM, especially with today's economy! :rlaugh:
  12. camaro

    Well Im new here and new to the 2005 gt conv all stock except for the MBRP axle back mufflers.
    I was sitting at a red light and a kid (I can say that Im 52) pulled next to me in a new (temp tags) SS. Of course he revs the motor and looked down at me.
    The light changed and he dumped it as I did also. Well all i can say is I hope the SS comes with a telescope cause hee needed one to see me.
    I told him at the next light my wife could out run him in her 03 F-350 PSD.
    Now I aint braggin bout her truck but I own PRP Diesel Performance and the last dyno was 523 HP and 999 Lbs of torque at the tires. I think the lil redhead would have takin him too. Just my .02 worth.
  13. When I was growing up, my Dad was a Buick - GM man, and my first car was a 1972 Z-28 with LT1 and 4 speed, 4:10 gears, perfect for the 16 year old kid that had only driven an International Super A (farm tractor for you city boys). It was an interesting 2 months, then I wisely sold it before I killed myself! My next car was a 1975 Pontiac Ventura that literally fell apart little by little ....many cars. trucks later....fast forward to now and the last GM product was a 1995 truck, which I traded on a Nissan Maxima. I haven't had a GM product since, and today I drive a VW GTI, wife has a new Toyota Highlander Limited and I'm on this forum because my daughter wants a Mustang and I love the research that goes into looking for a car. Now, as far as the Camaro goes, we did look at the new one, but didn't like what we read about the initial problems, (too much like the old GM I remember) and even with the v6, it's too much power for a youngster to start with. I hope the 2010 v6 Mustangs' 210 hp won't be too much, I think my daughter has more sense and maturity than I had! Oh, and it's been an entertaining thread, much more fun than the detailing forums I usually stay on where things get are pretty dull with the crappy weather now.
  14. Just wait and see. GM will receive bailout #3 soon enough. They just pulled out of a deal to buy Opel, and Opel is going to sue them if they don't make good on it.
  15. Man I'm itching to get one of these cars as a fun DD.

    Honestly, I think the Camaro's design won't age well AT ALL, and will be very tiring to look at pretty soon. The '05 Mustangs never really got me (kind of the same thing IMO, looked cool when they first came out due to the retro gimmick, but got kind of tiring, although it's a more subdued/timeless design than the over-stated Camaro).

    However, right now I'd love to have a Camaro to just beat around in, however two reasons have me considering a Mustang way before it, 1 - Safety (Mustang definitely wins here), and 2 - Interior, the new Mustangs is actually pretty nice, and the Camaro's is a joke. Plus the interior of the Camaro feels way clausterphobic due to those tiny windows.

    I still think the 94-98 Mustang is the best modern Stang design yet. I was looking at a clean '98 next to a new 3-Series the other day, and was shocked at how much nicer the Mustang looked. Just a timeless design, the 99's with their sharper/boxier look aren't aging as gracefully IMO, although still not bad. I wish the '05's continued on what the '94 models started, personally.
  16. I like the 1996-1998 Cobras, but the GTs don't do anything for me. I don't think anyone will argue that the Mustang II was the worst of the bunch, but the 1994-1998s just bored me to death. I felt like their design was just too "soft." As for the 1999-2004, I think they look like a mish-mash of parts. To me, they look like they had 20 different people design this car and they tried to tie in all of their different designs into one. The headlights don't even fit in the body right, sort of like those on the latest of the Chevy Cavaliers. They look like they fit wrong parts.

    A lot of people may disagree with me, but I think the Fox design has aged very well. There have been numerous design updates from 1982-1993, and all of them looked fresh. IMO, the 1985-1986 GTs look really good with that "slanted back" front end on them. Get a nice paint-job, some wide tires in the back and skinnies up front, drop the suspension a little bit, and those cars just look badass.

    Getting back on the Camaro, it's a stale design. We've been seeing it since 2005. When it came out, I had already been looking at it for 4.5 years, and it just fails to evoke any hint of emotion from me. To me, it looks like a ridiculous cartoon.
  17. Yeah, the Camaro is very cartoon-y, it will age very poorly, just watch. I think it's cool, in that "I don't take it seriously, but it's fun and goofy" way stylistically, but that doesn't have lasting effect.

    Yeah, the Fox's can still look really cool when in prime condition. The 99's definitely look like a mis-mash of styles, never really liked that design. I take design seriously and study them, which a lot of people don't seem to do, and the 99 always seemed "off" to me, but the Stang faithful saw past it. I like the soft and smooth lines of the 94-98, however that's usually how I like my cars, smooth and coherent, I feel it gives it a "classic" look which ages gracefully.

    Anyway, yeah, we'll see how we all like the Camaro in the coming years, it will be interesting. I'd consider one as a fun beat around if the Safety was up to par, and if the interior didn't look like it was designed for 10 year olds.
  18. I see a lot of pretty clean Fox bodies driving around and would actually love to have one as a car to play with and use the 2010 as my DD. Parts are abundant, they're light, easy to work on.

    Back to the Camaro....who even cares anymore with the new 2011 Mustang? If they keep the Mustang under 3700 lbs the Camaro will be seeing Mustang taillights all day long.
  19. That brings up the old joke "the designer of the front never met the designer of the rear"
  20. I'm a mustang guy. Pretty much always have been. That said, the new camaro has a great motor and is really good looking.

    The G8 isn't anywhere near the worlds best sport sedan. I've driven them, great car, but no where near the BMW M5 or the new CTS-V for that matter. For the money however it's a pretty damn nice car.

    By the way ford had idiots running the company for quite a while, they seem to be doing better now as does GM.

    The 2011 mustang seems to be a pretty superior car to the camaro. Even the under powered '10 model won it's share of comparison tests vs the camaro. With the bigger motor and the 6 speed, it doesn't figure to be too close. No to mention that the Camaro interior (which is where the driver sits and enjoys his car).

    Do I think Gm is making the best domestic cars on the planet??? The cts is a very nice car. The holden products were/are hot. The vette is a world class sports car and no one is coming close to it's bang for the buck. The SUV's are better than most of the crap from ford and Chrysler. So yeah maybe they do have the best.

    That said Ford has the mustang, the new ecoboost in a series of nice vehicles, and the f150 has been number one for a long time for a number of very good reasons. Plus it's doing nice work for the greenies via hybrid tech. If Ford is behind, it's not far and it does lead in a few areas.

    Both companies are making some pretty good cars. It is at the very least foolish to overlook this.