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  1. I love my Stang and all but let's not kid ourselve's the Camaro was'nt even in production for three of those month's so it would have been outsold
  2. That Article is bizarrely one-sided and misleading.

    The Mustang had a good few+ full months on Sale where the Camaro wasn't, not including the leftover '09 Models heavily discounted which were sold in '09.

    As well, as far as I know, the Camaro had outsold the Mustang every month that it was available, December included.

    Overall I like the Mustang more, but that Article is bogus. :bs:
  3. The only reasons that pile of Camaro crap outsold the Mustang are because the Mustang fans are holding off for the 400+ GT. Next year, they'll get it. The other reason is because people didn't have a Camaro to buy for 7 years; all the fanboys are buying them up.

    Watch how quick the tables turn in the sales race next year with the introduction of the 300 hp Mustang V6 and the 400+ hp GT. It's not even going to be close.
  4. Yeah there's perfect reason why the Camaro sold so well. Lots of positive hoopla surrounding it, and lots of people waiting a long time to get their hands on one, while the Mustang is essentially still a body that's been running since 2005, and name-plate that's been available for a very long, uninterrupted time.

    I think the Mustang will take the Sales "crown" back in 2010. Aside from the power and the performance, once the smoke clears, the regular-Joe/Jane V6 buyers will have to start noticing the horrid Camaro's interior and livability (tiny windows, hard to see out of, to name a couple), and the Mustangs more stellar Safety scores won't hurt as well, especially with that area of buyers.
  5. I've said it many a time before, but we've been seeing the "new" Camaro since 2004-2005, all in different colors, and all slightly "updated" versions. This car is not new. It's arguable that it is as "aged" as a 2005 Mustang GT that just hit the market.

    I've sat in a new Camaro. I've driven a new Camaro (SS). The quality and the visibility are horrible, styling is subjective, and it handles like the "Oasis of the Seas." The only good thing I can say about that car is that the engine is a peach. It's a shame it's hampered by such a large, undeserving pig of a car.

    Okay, it's only a matter of time before someone says, "Well, you own a Camaro. Why the hateful attitude towards the new Camaro?" Why? Because of everything I just mentioned. Admittedly, I would take any style Camaro (from 1st gen to 4th gen) over a Mustang, no questions asked, but I'm not one of these "CAMARO RULES! EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS!" kinds of people. I'm not loyal to brands, I'm loyal to good, American Muscle Cars.

    YES, the Camaro is faster than a 2010 GT. YES, I got a lot of "thumbs up" while driving one, but at the end of the day, the 2010 GT I drove may not have been as fast, but it handled better, the interior was nicer, the styling was nicer, and I just felt better climbing out of the Mustang. It was just a nicer car overall.
  6. To anyone with any "common sense," all that positive hoopla would go out the window you can't even see out of once you sat down in the thing. The interior is horrible and ugly, and way to "plasticky" for 2010, this isn't 1999....and unless you're 6'6" you can't see out the windows. But, as you can see, common sense seems to run short these days, over 60,000 people bought into the hype of the car, which will be gone very quickly. I absolutely CANNOT wait until the car mags put the 2011 GT up against an SS. With a 250+ weight advantage and only 13 fewer ponies, it's going to just be icing on the cake for the Mustang next year all across the board. It already won overall better vehicle in multiple comparisons even though it was the least powered vehicle competing. Ford is gonna stick it to the Camaro next year, and they're gonna stick it good. Now we've got a very nice power jump, a 6 spd, better brakes, tires, etc, with a still much nicer interior than either the Camaro or Challenger, and a trunk that can actually hold your luggage if you're so inclined. Of course styling is subjective, but at least my Mustang doesn't look like it was designed by 3 different people on a computer who just threw a mess of metal and parts together that weighed 4000 lbs.
  7. So the new GT is going to weigh 3600-3700 lbs? I'm NOT impressed. :notnice: These domestic Muscle Cars are getting way too heavy. :nonono:
  8. I am glad that the 'Stang will be able to stick it to the Camaro without the Camaro nutswingers crying that a factory Stang can't hang without forced induction.
  9. Kinda like the LS1-f*gs (as I like to refer to them) think an LT1 can't beat them with bolt-ons! :rlaugh:
  10. Even when I was strictly a GM guy this statement use to piss me off royally. I mean really who give's a Fu ck 400 horse is 400 horse no matter how you get it. What I think is funny is the fact that my little 4.6 with a SC make's about 620hp safely at the crank and that's about all the GM boy's can make safely with their big ol 6.2.
  11. And your 4.6L isn't covered under warranty. Bet your ass GM can make a hell of a lot more than 638 hp out of that ZR1 motor. They just don't want to warrant it.

    I'd like to see your list of mods to achieve that "safe" 620 hp. ;)
  12. And neither is the Camaro wich is what I/you should be comparing it to. My mod's are just the blower, cai, shorty header's, full exhaust, and an electric water pump. Running 10psi is considered safe on this car according to anyone I've talked to including KB. So yeah let's compare it to a ZR1.:rolleyes:
  13. Considering your 620 hp, which is an upgrade of DOUBLE the hp that was stock, I highly doubt it's "safe" with nothing more than a fancy water pump, exhaust, and intake. So yeah, let's compare it to a ZR1. :rolleyes:

    What makes you think the 6.2L can't make any more than 620 hp? Maybe if the tuner strapped on an electric water pump, cai, full exhaust, and 10 lbs of boost it would be making 860 "safe" horses! After all, that's all it took your 4.6L to double its output! :rlaugh:

    Yeah, roll your eyes all you like. :nice:
  14. I used to think you were alright, but now I know you belong on another site. I'm not even going to waist any more time with you. Have a nice time trolling.
  15. Soooo, I "belong on another site" because I POLITELY asked you to post your mods because I was curious about how you were making 620 "safe" horses? Funny, because aren't I the same guy that was looking to buy a 2010 Mustang GT that had a 4.6L under the hood? Given that you "apparently" made 620 "safe" horses with a 4.6L, my curiosity wouldn't be piqued? Not even a little bit?

    Thanks for striking out, Not-So-Mean Mike. I feel sorry for whoever asks you for mechanical advice, because according to you, everyone that either questions you or asks you a question is a troll. Way to go! :nice:

  16. I'm 1 of those people who would dissagree with you on the fox body. I think its the worst design of all the mustangs. Its just a slightly modded ford tempo, which isn't the best looking car ever. I think we should just forget that the 80s and early 90s ever existed for any car and just move on from there.
  17. I'll have to disagree with you on that, Kyle. Some of the 80s/90s cars look pretty good, and have aged fairly well. I can't help but to love the 80s F-Bodies and C4 Corvettes, but there were also the Monte Carlo SSes, Grand Nationals, T-Birds, Lincoln MKIV (?), and the last of the RWD Cougars. I really liked those Cougar XR7s with the "finned" wheels on them that were similiar to the ones on the Mustang GTs.

    I think the 80s offered some decent performance cars for the period; IROCs, 5.0L Mustangs, Shelby Daytonas, Shelby Dodge Omnis (don't laugh...), Grand Nationals, 1989 Turbo T/As, etc.
  18. when the camaros first came out i thought that they were pretty tight, but when my dad got one and i drove it and tested it out i hated it, yeah its fast, even faster when you put a magna charger on it and cranks 540 rwhp, but imo the stang is a better car all around, and for about 10k more you can get the shelby which will own any camaro out there
  19. I hate to break it to you, but the Camaro is more than 10k cheaper than the GT500, the Camaro runs a 12.9, GT500 runs a 12.8. I love Mustangs and all(hell I own one) but lets not just go throwing around incorrect info. Hell throw a S/C kit on the Camaro and its a done deal for the GT500, plus it will still be way cheaper. Hopefully The new 5.0 with 412hp will do us some justice in the N/A camp.
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