2010 Camaro

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  1. The GT500 was walking away from the Camaro once it got moving. MT are not the best drivers around anyway. Lets face it, the current GT is in the middle of an engine change with the 5.0 coming out and the Camaro is out in it's first year of production. So theres no surprise that it's faster then a current GT.. Lets see what happens next year with the 5.0
  2. I think you might want to do more searching instead of using MT as your only source of info. With a good driver the Crapmaro doesn't even stand a chance.

    YouTube - Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 Track Passes- Bone Stock [email protected]

    I'm not 100% sure these two are stock but I know they are doing it with stock tire's Wich would be a problem for them wether they were stock or not
    YouTube - Corvette Z06 vs Shelby GT500

    YouTube - Shelby GT500 vs Z06
  3. Youre right the GT500 is faster but it still has a much steeper price tag. With the difference in costs the Camaro would be an ego crusher for a GT500 owner if you put the price difference in work to the Camaro. Dont get me wrong I would love a GT500, but IMO they are overpriced as are our GT's hence why I bought used, New they are rediculous.
  4. I guess they're only rediculous if you can't negotiate a deal. I walked out the door financing 3k under sticker, and that included TTL. And that's because I custom ordered mine, I didn't go shopping for what was on the lot.

    FWIW, I think the weak point on the GT500 is the tires, seeing as how every time I watch a video no one can hook them. However the trap speed in the GT500 compared to the Camaro shows how much faster and more powerful it is. By the end of that MT video the GT500 is literally walking away from that Camaro. You wanna play you gotta pay. IMO it doesn't matter how much the car costs, if you can afford it, go for it, if you can't, buy something cheaper and make it faster.
  5. And that is where the Camaro and GT make their niche in the market. The GT500 is a badass factory car that comes with a warranty, it fits the niche of the guy who has money, wants a fast ass car and wants to keep a warranty. The Camaro and GT suit the enthusiasts who are willing to dump the difference in price back into their car to make it theirs. Im not bashing any of the cars, they all have their place, Im just saying Chevy did it right on the 2010, its a badass factory N/A car that blows the current GT(its competition) away and now Ford is fighting back with the 5.0 2011. We seem to be getting back into the Pony Wars kinda thing here again lately and its only going to get better for us as the Big three battle it out for top spot.