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  1. How are you comparing the new v6 camaro to the much underpowered sn-95 stangs...thats just like saying the new v6 out runs third gens v8....who cares
  2. I spent quite a bit of time looking at both cars. In the end there were several factors that made me pick the 2010 Mustang. First, Chevy dealers acted like they were doing you a favor by letting you put down $2000 non refundable, on a full price (or more car) that wouldn't be there for 3-4 months. Some dealers didn't even have allocation and would take money to put you on list, and then would order when they did have allocation (once you moved up their internal list). I went to a few dealers and I just didn't feel comfortable in the transaction...all the GM crap didn't help. Was that dealer even going to be there in 3 months? I felt like saying, "hey, isn't your company is hurting?...show some sign you actually want me to buy a car, and didn't I see this thing in a movie like 3 years ago". I had owned a Mustang before and enjoyed it, so I had some bias going in...but if the Camaro was "the car" I was going to get it.

    Now not reading numbers in the brochure...just going by feel, the two cars were super comparable. The interior is great, they both drive well and feel powerful. The Camaro maybe edges out on the new wow factor but when I took my 2010 Mustang to the track it got a lot of attention too.

    So, I hit the Ford dealer....and dang they actually want to sell a car. And wow, it is a huge amount cheaper (about $5260 for comparable Camaro I was looking at). And can you believe it, they actually have them on the lot.

    So in the end, availability, price, company, dealership on a tested a tweaked Mustang helped win my vote. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Camaro, heck I almost bought one but for me Mustang was the right choice and I am loving it.

  3. Like we said once the Stang gets the new motors the tide will turn especially after the Camaro newness wears off. When the GT gets the 5.0 the V6 will be a new engine too which should be comparable to what the Camaro has.

  4. again, thats debatable. I personally cant stand the new Camaro, especially its crap ass interior. It cant even begin to compare to the 2010 Mustang inside. The backhalf of the Camaro in person is just terrible.
  5. Sounds like you went on a true search for the right car for you, and ended up happy. Good stuff and enjoy the stang !!!
  6. It seems you think Ford isnt spendind tax payer dollars: As of June 23,2009

    Dearborn, Michigan) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) will receive $5.9 billion in federal loans to help transform factories across Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio to produce more fuel efficient models.

    The loan is part of the first batch of commitments from of the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program.

    Facilities impacted by the announcement include Chicago Assembly, Louisville Assembly, Dearborn Assembly, Dearborn Engine, Livonia Transmission, Michigan Assembly, Van Dyke Transmission, Kansas City Assembly, Cleveland Engine, Lima Engine and Sharonville Transmission.

    The Department of Energy plans to make additional loans under this program over the next several months to large and small auto manufacturers and parts suppliers up and down the production chain. First appropriated in the fall of 2008, the program will provide about $25 billion in loans to companies making cars and components in US factories that increase fuel economy at least 25 percent above 2005 fuel economy levels.

    Nissan also received funds from the first batch of loans ($1.6 billion) to retool its Smyrna, Tennessee factory to build advanced electric automobiles and to build an advanced battery manufacturing facility. And Tesla Motors got $465 million to advance electric vehicle production in California.

    For more information about Ford visit Ford Motor Company: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Hybrids, Parts - Ford
  7. True and good point, my point being in my other post that Camaro sales are up and probably do to a potent V6 and Great styling IMO. Im sure the Camaro edges the Mustang in the V6 department do to that, and its new wow factor of course.

    Even when the NEW factor goes away, I still feel the Camaro and Mustang will be around for a long time, and yes the New Eco-Boost V6 from FORD is goin to be OUTSTANDING !!! Im excited about it and the new 5.0.......

    I like both cars and have owned both Mustangs and Camaro's...I would like to see both stick around for awhile, Everyone else can Scream and Rant MUSTANG or CAMARO RULES....... Kiddy stuff, anyway thats my thoughts on American Muscle back in full swing :flag:
  8. debatable :D
  9. This is old news and the article says it all, they're taking that money along with others to reconfigure plants to make more efficient vehicles. They're not taking the money to keep from going bankrupt.
  10. Tax dollar is a Tax dollar.........

    Both Chrysler and GM both filed bankruptcy.......so its even worse all the money wasted.
  11. Big difference is ford will prob pay it back while gm/chrysler may never. Yay gm sold some camaros, how about the 36% they are off from last year. Ford gained some ground and was down 11. F Gm
  12. Im sure Uncle Sam is going to get Every dollar back plus a couple Billion !!!
  13. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  14. god this has been entertaining... I am a member here and LS1 tech... now when it comes to power... my LS1 pulls harder... hands down... but its also modified 422RWHP... granted my saleen SC 465hp handles better and rides better.... but my camaro which also has more hp... more torque... gets 6-7mpg more... my camaro ran 13.0-13.2s all day before I made all the mods bone stock. now I was runnin 11.9-12.0 *stock gears* till my weak GM rear end exploded *no shocker there* its no shocker Ford makes a stronger rear end... and I prefer all the suspension of this saleen.... but when it comes to motor... I would take a LS1 over this 4.6 any day... without a second thought.... I enjoy the sound of my cammed up LS1 over my mustang but my stang also is stock from saleen... *soon to change* but I get more comments when my camaro is running then the saleen... but when the car is off I get a **** ton of more comments about the saleen... so there are pros and cons....
  15. I rented a 2010 V6 Camaro for a day to see if I would like driving it. The car handles great, but visibility out the rear quarters is non-existant. And the passenger seat is practically on the ground. The Mustang interior is much better. For all these reasons I just ordered my Kona Blue GT.
  16. Gratz!
  17. Congrats! That sure is one gorgeous color!

    I haven't driven a new Camaro, and frankly, I don't plan on buying one or even considering one, so I haven't bothered, but I have bothered to sit in one. I was disappointed. The interior build quality is nowhere near that of the 2010 Mustang.

    I drove the Mustang, and I loved it. As a Camaro fan, I never thought the day would come when I said, "I want a Mustang over a Camaro." My, oh my, do times change. :nice:
  18. impressive! Drag radials or stock tires?? either way, impressive.

    edit: never mind, looked at his other vids, saw Drag radials and tune as well. Still impressive.
  19. Nice run, very impressive :nice: