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  1. 16s on the front and 18s Z06s in the back.
  2. As for LS1 cars, honestly, I have never seen a stock one run faster than a 13.6 @ 105 mph. Where are all of these "miracle LS1s" running 13.20s @ 106+ in bone stock trim? Maybe everybody I've seen at the track I've ever seen with a bone stock LS1 just simply can't drive.

    I have spent alot of time at track,I must agree with the above statement,also Its kind of easy to rent a track make 100 passes then post the best 3 after playing with the car all day.I believe there is a Guy Named Ranger that ran 10s in a stock c6z06.. You will see all kinds of times I look at it like a guys bench press does anyone ever tell the truth about how much they can press[NO] same thing about track times,If I ever see it I will believe it..until then :nono:.
    and yes I am a mustang guy Ford nut or if you will brand loyal *******!!!!
  3. ^^^lol........ Do some research is all I have to say, Im not going to get into it with a Blind Blue Oval lover if you know what I mean. Ive owned Mustangs and Camaros and appreciate them both the same. Anyway this is about the 2010 camaro and Id like to keep on subject as I posted the thread. Thx for understanding.

  4. LOL, your on a Mustang site, wtf do you expect. :)
  5. You do have to admit...if we started posting vids of a modded 2010 GT500 running into the 11s on a camaro forum we'd be taking heat....the same old worn out argument..."well you ford guys need a supercharger..." etc. Kinda like you chevy guys need big displacement. :)
  6. True, But thats why I started a 2010 Camaro Thread so I could post up new details, times ext, and not post up a bunch of camaro threads on the 2010 forums. I said what I said because its clearly a guy who wanted to flame the thread and we all know that can lead to a 20 page flame war:D
  7. No flame war from me.Its your money you spend it how you want you earned it. I put my time in over seas to make sure people have that right.But this is a mustang site, the forum is 2010 mustang! Why would you even want to post about a camaro on here?? These cars are new and the guys that paid hard earned money for them come here to learn about thier cars,hobbie, passion. how ever you want to look at it. I have 3 stangs in my drive way 2 in the garage. Mustangs are my hobby.they are from bone stock 2010 to my 675rwhp 04 cobra. I don't go to LS1.com and talk about my cars, no point.But its a free world so have fun and take care.:nice:
  8. Interesting post. Glad to have found this forum.
  9. Very well said.
  10. I wouldn't go to LS1.com either, and I own a Camaro. Those guys' heads are so far up their arses, they can't breathe. I've been to that site once, and never again.

    Yeah, I have a Camaro. Yeah, when it runs, it runs good.

    Yeah, I hate the 5th Generation Camaro. Yeah, it makes 100+ more hp than a 2010 Mustang.

    And yeah, I'll be buying a 2010 (or 2011) Mustang GT.

    Somebody wants to like Camaros, fine. Somebody wants to like Mustangs, fine. Personally, I'm a guy who likes domestic performance machines, and I'm going to the company who I thinks builds the best domestic performance machine at the time I'm in the market to buy one. Despite the Camaro's 100+ hp advantage and an independent rear suspension, that car has absolutely nothing more to offer me. For me, the 2010 Mustang's pros outweight its cons, and the 2010 Camaro's cons outweight its pros. But, that's just me.

    And you've probably been told this 100x's, but I'll tell you again. Thank you for your service overseas, and I appreciate it. Our soldiers don't receive nearly enough appreciation for their services. :flag:
  11. What's really funny is that people here are telling us, "Do some research!" If anything, I should be backing the claim of these "miracle LS1s," because I am a Camaro owner. Who doesn't want to talk up the type of car they own, right? Well, sorry to disappoint, F-Body owners, but I'm a realist, not some 16 year old snot-nosed kid who bench-races.

    So, I've been known to roam a few Camaro forums, and they shall remain anonymous, but I have asked time and time again, "Show me the proof." All I get are a bunch of flames about how I'm an idiot and I have no clue what I'm talking about, and I want to start trouble. Why? Because I want to see proof of a BONE STOCK, down-to-the-air filter LS1's dyno sheet of 300 rwhp, or proof of a 13.2 @ 107 mph run?

    So, years later, I still have NOT seen ANYBODY post a dyno sheet of a bone stock LS1 F-Body making 300+ rwhp or a time slip anywhere near a 13.20 @ 107 mph.

    What's the biggest excuse I get? "People don't leave LS1 Camaros alone for long." :notnice: And FWIW, my cousin had a 1998 Camaro, and with my 1994, I had nothing more than a Flowmaster MUFFLER, Moroso CAI, and a Hypertech Power Programmer, and I ate his lunch.

    Another example: I had a Hooker cat-back, Moroso CAI, Hypertech throttlebody airfoil, and PCMforless.com custom tune, and paced side by side to nearly 100 mph (before I shut down) with a 2002 Camaro SS.

    So, if anyone here can post either a timeslip of one of these "miracle LS1s" or a dyno of a BONE STOCK LS1 F-body, PLEASE do so, because I surely want to see one. All I've heard are the excuses; "My buddy ran this, my buddy ran that." Yeah? Well my question is, "What did YOU run?"

    13.20s @ 107 mph.....my arse. Show me the proof.
  12. TOP SPEED you are welcome, It was my pleasure to serve this great country :flag:
  13. Did anyone see the new Taurus SHO runs a 13.7 sec 1/4 mile? I wanna see that at the track, the idea of the wife or your mom driving a car to the grocery store that could give any of us a run for our money is impressive. :)
  14. Thread says 2010 Camaro. I opened up the thread explaining how I would like to do updates on the new camaro and such. I understand your complaints on the LS1. Its your opinion, have at it. So on that note, with all the speculation on the F-Body camaro and there dreamy 1/4 mile runs and dyno sheets, you should have no objection to me posting current videos and dyno sheets validating the 2010 Camaro and what it can do. Im a car guy, and enjoy mustangs, camaros, challengers and even some fart mufflers. Anyway if your a loyalist and want to beat your chest to your loyal blue then so be it.

    Im just presenting the other side of things and differ on opinion. Yes this is a mustang site, and yes ive seen mustang videos on F-body sites.......It dosent bother me, and dont put me in the crowd of the "Entire" F- body crowd whos called you a name or a liar. Ive also served my country "Sa When" and was in Fort Hood Texas watching the Towers Fall and throwing everything in a duffle bag ready to go.
    The 4th ID mechanized Division was the one of the first Units to kick up IRAQI dust. Glad you serve and there is no higher honor.
  15. Can we all just agree to disagree? (If that's the case) Besides, with the new GT500s hitting the streets now I'm sure we'll have our own videos of them being modded and running into the 11s and 10s. I mean these Camaros are running what our GT500s run stock. Big deal. Still impressive but it still took a lot of work and money. Not to mention a lot of these Camaro owners aren't getting their cars at sticker, so they're paying over sticker then dumping all this money to make it faster. Both are great cars, but you get what you pay for, the GT500 with a tune, puley and slicks will smoke any of the SS's we've seen in these videos, so let's just all relax :)
  16. I never categorized you as anyone, or compared you to any of the very great number of tools on LS1.com. In fact, from what I understand, LS1.com was shut down because the "owner" got busted dealing meth or something like that; but that's for another post in another place. If you want to feel that I labeled you, I can't help that.

    I don't care what kind of car videos anyone posts on either this site or one of the very few Camaro sites I choose to visit. I'm open to most vehicles and enjoy seeing videos of most vehicles.

    Regarding your military service, I'll tell you the same thing that I told Sa-When. It's much appreciated, and nothing but respect to you for standing up and serving this country. :flag:

    I wouldn't say all that, Fast05. The GT500s are running in the 114-116 mph range, while the Camaros (according to magazines) are running in the 111 mph range. Sure, while the E.Ts are close, every GT500 I've seen in videos is suffering from major traction issues. I'm sure there's more in a GT500 than 12.70s-12.90s.

    Off the beaten path, but I've been showing a great interest in the Roush cars, and from what I've seen, they're rated at around 13.10s-13.20s @ around 108 mph. I'm still trying to figure out how a car that weighs 36xx lbs and has 435 hp/400 lb-ft torque can't seem to motivate itself to a 12 second 1/4 mile. :nonono:
  17. Agree to disagree :nice:
  18. I crave a 400+ hp factory-stock Mustang. :(
  19. Good point. Traction seems to be an issue. Low 12s should be a breeze with that power to weight ratio
  20. I have seen 2 09 GT 500s run 12.2 with just a tire on the back Not a slick either just a drag radial. I am sure with a nitto on the back it wouldn't be a problem for a 2010 GT500. alot of them are dynoing 500 to 511 to the wheels bone stock. That should be good for 11s with a drag radial.