2010 Ford Mustang Center Console and Climate Control

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    So far, Ford has shown us the front seats, the dash, and the shifter knob of the 2010 Mustang--now we get to see just a little more of the interior. This week's teaser gives us a full perspective of the center console and the lower accessory controls in the new pony car. What we have here is a definite move up in class with some elegant chrome trim (of what could be the next IUP package...or could be standard) around the shifter bezel as well as the accessory knobs. The climate control system appears to have been updated to a push-button setup and also allows for two distinct climate zones for the Mustang's front occupants. The traction control button also gets a relocation downward, more adjacent to the shifter. These changes aren't watershed by any means, but the true enthusiasts know exactly what is evolving. The true rendition will solidify all of our past teasings and suppositions in just a few weeks, at the LA Auto Show.

    2010 Ford Mustang Center Console and Climate Control
  2. Just my opinion.. but it looks as if the radio is much more integrated into the console with those volume and input buttons (xm, cd, etc). I hope its a simple bezel replacement for an aftermarket radio... I for one am big on replacing stock decks with aftermarkets.
  3. So far this is the ONLY shot that's made me think I should have waited for a 2010. I think the design of the console and climate controls, shifter boot and handle, etc are much improved. I also like the steering wheel and the contrasting seat stitching.

    Other than the gold color (reminds me of my parents '67 T-bird I rode in as a kid) I have been extremely unimpressed with all the body shots and I don't like the dash as well as the current GT.
  4. Ooooopps dont spill the coffee on the traction control buttons was my first thought. yukyuk :)