2010 Ford Mustang Hood Shot

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    Ford has thrown us another basted bone this week with a shot of the 2010 Mustang hood. The lines and edges hint at the new Mustang having a very recognizable form we have seen before. The 2010 Mustang hood certainly has some distinguished features found in past race-ready Ford Mustangs. Back in 2000, Ford's SVT division released the Cobra R, and one of the most prominent features on this snake was its power dome hood. The 2010 Mustang hood seems to have inherited some of these hot features from the 2000 Cobra R. The hood, back in 2000, was taller than the normal Cobra hood and had gills that improved heat dissipation. This week's power dome shot is a very cool teaser image that Ford has baited us with. Tying in popular traits from the SN95 era and its glory is a very cool move!

    2010 Ford Mustang Hood Shot
  2. It's actually starting to aggravate me, with all these teaser shots. :(

    Just release the entire pics already.... it's killing us! lol.
  3. You can't see much from this anyways. So I'm not too worried. But yes, Ford just get it over with and show us the dang car!
  4. LOL, man they really teasin everyone with that. :) somebody is rotflhao!
  5. Everyone,
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