2010 Ford Mustang Photo - Sept 17th

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    Today's photo of the 2010 Mustang gives us the best view yet of the updated dash and steering wheel. With more style and raking when compared to the current S197 Mustang, the updated dash on the 2010 fits in line with what we have seen in recent times and certainly lives up to expectations of getting a refreshed retro-grade look. Take a good look--we'll post more as we count down to the LA Auto Show.

    2010 Ford Mustang Photo - Sept 17th
  2. Wish it would have been a straight-on shot.
  3. But then you could see how much it looks like a Dodge interior! :rolleyes:


    I hope I'm wrong and it's going to look great...but aside from the stereo steering wheel controls I'm underwhelmed with the shots I've seen of the new interior "improvements"...
  4. +1 That would be nice.