2010 GB GT500 at local Dealer

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  1. If anyone is looking for a 2010 GT500 right now there is one sitting on the ground here in Panama City Fla. I have a Torch Red on order with HIDs, the car they have at the dealership is a Grabber Blue without HIDs. The sticker on the car is $48,175.

    I did not buy mine from this dealer, mine is coming from Treadwell Ford in Mobile.

    Here is the Dealer info if you want to try and but the car. I would try to talk to the sales manager if you can get him, his name is Jimmy Darnell. I know Jimmy and he is a pretty good guy. Use my name if it will help you get a better deal but I would be surprised if you are able to buy the car below MSRP since it is on the ground at the dealership.

    Cook Whitehead Ford
    Panama City Fla

    Good Luck

    Steve Dunn
  2. Glad to hear its selling near MSRP, Good stuff !!!
  3. You can get them below MSRP. I have my name on one at 1k over invoice. They days of XXX over msrp are gone IMO.