2010? Giugiaro Ford Mustang in Los Angeles

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  1. Dropping what could be several hints at the next generation Ford Mustang, Fabrizio Giugiaro (styling Director of Italdesign -- Giugiaro S.P.A.) has released his own flavor of the legendary pony car. "When we saw the new Mustang, we knew two things: It was the best we'd seen since the original, and we had to get our hands on one. We still believe it's important to show the automotive world pure exercises in style that interpret key models reflecting the history and image of important brands."


    Giugiaro Ford Mustang in Los Angeles - Ford Mustang | StangNet.com

    The video directly:
    The Giugiaro Mustang Concept - Ford Mustang | StangNet.com

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  2. much cleaner I do not like the current mustang
  3. :puke:

    Na not goin for it:notnice:

  4. g_mustang_1280_01.jpg
















    g_mustang_1280_17.jpg [/QUOTE]

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  5. I like everything except the tail lights, but I also wanna know what kinda motor this thing would be packin.
  6. Don't like the ass or the seats. Everything else is great.

    Gorgeous lines.
  7. look too much like BMW 6 series coupe.

    And I imagine that windshield is gonna be very expensive to replace if you get rock chip on it ...
  8. I can deal with everything except the gull-wing doors. bleh

    They just don't belong on a Pony car. :nono:
  9. Now can ford do this for the same price as the current gt; and under 4000lbs the mustang is getting to heavy?
  10. Whats up with those seats? Other than that, I think it looks pretty good. Kinda straying away from the current mustang look.
  11. I'm all for the front end and those wheels!

    I hate the butt, am not diggin' those gull wing doors...and what's up with that interior? The orange accents are doing a little more than just accenting the car. Not to stoked about those seats (though they may be comfortable) but i do like the center cap on the steering wheel.
  12. Its not bad. It pays homage to all the previous Mustangs in its design. Too bad Ford would probably not build it.
  13. I doubt it would look exactly like that, good thing b/c that windshield looks like ass
  14. im diggin the front end, but side view is a little iffy, the back end is disbusticating!....but thats just my opinion.
  15. I don't care for:
    1.) The gull wing doors.
    2.) The tail lights/ rear end.
    3.) The seat coverings.

    It it me, or is Mustang beginning to look slightly like the new Camaro?