2010? Giugiaro Ford Mustang in Los Angeles

Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. front end looks a little too ricey for me. side is ok but the tails look like ass!
  2. The Italian Stallion will probably not be released because it's a concept car and if it does, not everyone will have the luxury of owning one.
  3. The front reminds me of a shark, and the back reminds me of diarrhea.
  4. One word: CRAP
  5. I like everything but the interior and the color they used to show it off. MOre traditional coloring would be great, like a dark charcoal themed.
  6. I like the Mustang emblem............the rest :notnice:
  7. POS
    I don't like the front end, looks like a Ricer Camaro

    The side lines have the right idea with the "hip" at the rear but makes the uglyass rear end sit way too high.

    Gullwing doors are for nerds on ricer wanna-be Lambo cars.

    The interior is just plain laughable. The cowboy seats are embarassing, and there is enough usless chrome crap in there to build a 60 Buick.

    The recessed louvers are kinda nice, and I like the exterior color somewhat.

    Overall it looks too "Ricey" for me.

    But that's just my opinion....
  8. well there are some parts a really like, and well, some i really don't lol. I love the overall look but come on, those lambo doors? and those seats? wow come on ford...
  9. Overall, I am not impressed. Mustangs do not need Lambo doors, but i like the IDEA of the seats. I agree they could look better, but the horse hair print I like. Neat looking, impressive looking car, yes. mustang, eh...not so much, no.
  10. :notnice::notnice::notnice: i don't know what ford is thinking.