2010 Gt An Orphan Model?

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  1. So, I'm considering picking up a 2010 GT as my next vehicle, but am curious as to the overall support of the 2010. it has the engine of the 05-09 (though reworked a bit), but a different body style. I've looked around and have seen a good chunk of items for the car, but on other sites the 2010 has no category. So, I wanted to just ask briefly if anyone has some insight to the 2010 support (vs 05-09 and 11+) before I go forward with selecting one.

  2. Cosmetic parts are 10-12, Engine parts mostly 05-09. There are couple items that are unique such as cold air intakes and mufflers.
  3. I had no problem finding after market parts for my car.
  4. I have had no problem either. Yes, our cars are unique. Someone needs to start a registry.
  5. I absolutely love my 10. Gorgeous interior, all new exterior styling, best sounding exhaust, affordable supercharger putting me past stock 5.0s without costing as much as one. Going to keep it for a long while, until after they work out the bugs with the 2015 and 16s.
  6. I compare the 2010 GT's to the 94/95 GT's, the same engine as the previous models but in the new body style. Finding parts can be a challenge, sometimes, but the uniqueness makes up for it...
  7. I test drove a 2010 GT last week. I want one. My next daily driver will be boosted, so 3V or 5.0 doesn't matter. Either way it'll need a new shortblock and upgraded tranny.
  8. how much are supercharger kits for the 2010?
  9. After I receive the manifold my kit will have cost me a total of $3800 minus shipping.
  10. damn thats not bad! They are still $6k+ for the 11-13's