2010 GT axle back exhaust info/advice wanted...

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by STANGmole, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for info and advice on an axle back upgrade for a 2010 GT.

    My only requirements are 4" dual wall tips and minimal or no drone.

    I've been looking at the MBRP and FRPP GTA as two of my top choices. Does anyone have the MBRP that can comment on drone levels?

    Lastly, I keep seeing different info on compatibility between years. Do the 2005-2009 axle back kits work on a 2010? I see some sites listing the same axle backs as compatible...yet I think I saw a different FRPP GTA exhaust (at 2 or 300 dollars more) listed specifically for the 2010 what's the difference? Some sites list the 2005+ FRPP GTA as compatible with the 2010...very confusing. Any info to clear this up is appreciated.
  2. i say get the borla stingers check them out on youtube
  3. Corsa extremes sound really good too, a buddy has them on his 2010 and there is absolutely no drone whatsoever inside the car at any speed. They are quiet at idle and cruising but at WOT they are LOUD!!! Sounds really good, like an old muscle car.
  4. I second on the Corsa Extremes, best exhaust I've owned.:D
  5. do axle-backs for 2010 fit a 2011?
  6. I third the corsa extremes. I've had corsa sports, slp loudmouths, and now the corsa extremes on my 2010. I have longtubes so that makes them a bit louder at idle and cruising but they are by far the best axlebacks I've owned or heard on a mustang. And customer support is bar none the best. My wife let my mustang roll down our driveway into a ditch while I was deployed. In doing so one of the welds on the inside of the sports broke and rattle at 2k-3krpm. I called corsa and told them my problem, same day I had a set of replacements in the mail to me....and what did I get to replace my sports.......Extremes baby :D
  7. Nope, sorry :(
  8. 05-10 are interchangable, from what I've gathered. I just installed Pype Bombs from Pypes. 4" 304 stainless steel tips and zero drone, but damn they're loud!
  9. Cant comment on 2010s. BUT..Ive been doing a lot of research for my 2011 on order. The only 2 I like (based on internet clips) are the Steeda's and the Corsas..I dont care that they cost more. What I like better about the Steedas is that they sound the most like a 4.6L pre 2005 stang. Some people that that's a plus, others a minus. To me, the 4.6 L with flows are one of the "baddest-A$$" sounds on a Mustang ever. If there were no Steedas, the Xtremes would have been my pick over Borla, MRT, Flows, pypes, kooks, all of them. If you do choose Corsas, I think you will love them.