2010 GT Clone

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  1. I found a 2010 GT AC vent trim ring on my GT500. Apparently it was a factory assembly error. The one on the drivers side is a brushed finish while the one on the right side is a chrome finish.

  2. Make sure you have a 5.4 under there lol
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  3. That's hilarious. I'd be tempted to keep it!
  4. Maybe that will make it even more of a collectible..........1 of 1 built! :lol:
  5. That's what I am thinking. Maybe like a two headed Buffalo nickel or something.:rlaugh::rlaugh:

    I am going to leave it in there, after all it is factory stock.

  6. It's not gonna make a difference to uniqueness since it can't be documented.

    There have been plenty of accounts of '01 Bullitt Mustangs coming with normal GT brakes on one side, or Mach 1's coming with a Cobra caliper on one side, or a GT badge on the fender. Mistakes get out, but there is no way to really prove to another person it happened on the assembly line.
  7. ^^^It would drive me nuts...id say fix it :nice:
  8. I was just going to say that! :rlaugh:

    If you heard a beer can rattling around in the door, would you leave it there? After all, it is factory-stock! :D
  9. I think the beer cans are "additional equipment" and not part of the base car.

  10. ^^^^ I bet you have a problem sitting out in your drive way just staring at the GT500 eh. That thing is something else !! Congrats.
  11. LOL! This happens all the time. I work as a Body Quality Engineer at Ford Hermosillo, where the Fusion, Milan and MKZ are build, and let me tell you... we catch a lot of stuff like this, but I know that plenty of cars are shipped with issues. Sometimes we get claims from the dealers, but they're always these kind of things, nothing big!