2010 GT Convertible Top Problem

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by explrsport, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. At just 4000 miles, had my 2010 GT Vert's top repaired under TSB 10-4-13 "Headliner Pulled Out from Number 1 Bow" (publication date of 3-2-2010).

    The repair thru my local dealership in SoCA was about 6 weeks ago. The dealership used a local auto trim shop.

    Well, bottom line, I fear this was the first such repair that this shop attempted (they didn't have the "special" rivets required, etc.). The repair didn't hold and now the cloth fabric has pulled out of the #1 bow again - and its worse than before the repair.

    The dealership wants to give the same repair shop a second shot at the repair and I don't think that's reasonable - all they're doing is putting more rivet holes and sticky tape (not kidding; see the TSB) where the cloth hits the metal bow and that's bound to weaken it even more.

    What do you think? Is a whole top replacement in order so this situation won't soon develop again or, worse, when I'm out of the warranty period in a year?
  2. Hi explrsport,

    I am sorry you are having issues with your convertible top again. I have responded to your PM and will work with you to resolve this.