2010 GT curb weight??

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  1. I have read 3533 3577 3590 anyone weigh one on a scale yet??
  2. my local drag strip is gettin a scale in a month :D

    till then cant help ya :(
  3. we have a scale on base so i can swing by tommorow and get a printout i will do it with a full tank no driver... i have weighed every car i have owned over the last 6 years and so far my 98 gt took the cake with it tipping the scales at 3520!!
  4. Sounds great.Can't wait to see what they weigh. Might make that drive to the co-op and see if thier scale is working also.Thanks
  5. so i filled up my car and drove over to the scale hopped out went to the window and was surprised. all these numbers you see flying around and it was less than i thought. hit print with a smile on my face.

    total weight of vehicle with a full tank of full is 3540 not to bad considering i havent done any lightweight mods and never will. i have done full exhaust so maybe i saved a couple pounds there.

    and i found out why my 98 tipped the scales so bad ... a trunk full of body armor chem gear and a toolbox will add a craptastic amount of weight to any car:notnice:
  6. Nice info, thanks boston. Which wheels do you have?
  7. Thanks for the info Boston.:nice: What are your options on the car?I have the track pack option with the 19s and bigger brakes,But i got the 3:55s instead of the 3:73s [I like highway driving better then 1/4 mile run]
    3540 is lighter then I thought also. very surprising..
  8. Options are bright 18s accented leather and 3.73 gearing only options I need