2010 GT Exhaust HELP

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by blackedout010, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. If i didnt have cutouts i would buy boomtubes :/... people look at them and think they will be too loud but there actually not too bad. No drone with stock h-pipes. :sigh:
  2. I got these back in April, they sound amazing w/ my FRPP X pipe. Good buy! :nice:
  3. I ordered a Magnafow X-pipe Monday. I had my buddy record before/after video clips of my '10 stang, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I might just wait until I get the X-pipe on the car. I still love the Boom Tubes I got from Ninosport every time I drive down the road(although I am being pretty rough on the clutch and engine now-the car only has 1200 miles on it)
  4. so i have never heard of this boom tube till now so curiousity got me...
    which part number did you buy? all i could see on nino's site is the 05 to 09 kit is this the one that fits 2010 models. they sound nasty and the clean light weight package is icing on the cake.
    also i see people are doing xpipes and stuff but wtf is up with the 02 sensor on the stock one it plugs right into the cat what do they have to defeat the dreaded mil light. ......Must...make...louder!:D
  5. Man, hearing that you love your Pypes exhaust is making me reconsider purchasing them. I can't wait to hear an audio clip.
  6. I do have a couple of questions though. It says that it's a muffler delete kit. Does this mean that it doesn't have much hp and tq gains? Will it affect the throttle response from the line?
  7. I don't think there is anything wrong with 409 stainless......
  8. I just got Pypes stainless shorty headers and Magnaflow clamp on Xpipe installed to go with the boom tubes racing axle backs. It actually got a little quieter with the headers and Xpipe, but really freed the engine up. It sounds very smooth and tame until you mash down on it. When I just had the axle backs on the car, it sounded mean as hell all the time. I think the Xpipe really balanced out the exhaust pulse from the V8 and it is flowing much much better. The Pypes headers do not make that much noise like I have heard on other cars with aftermarket headers(valvetrain noises). I can't wait to get intake and throttle body upgrades - just waiting on a decent programmer for the '010. I know it is very similar to the Bullitt tune, but I can't chance anything on a brand new car.