2010 GT Exhaust....Newbie question

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by SA_Twister, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. So I just purchased a 2010 GT and am wanting to upgrade the exhaust. There are so many options out there that its driving me a little batty trying to find what Im looking for. Id like to retain pretty much the same sound as my stock exhaust (pitch and tone wise) Id just like it to be a little louder. Nothing too obnoxious. Also wouldnt mind a little gain in the performance area. So my question is, what is gonna be the best bang for my buck so to speak to reach this goal? Also should I be looking cat back exhaust H or X pipe ect. Again price is only a mild issue. Id like to keep it under 500 bucks if at all possible. Thanks for taking a look at my thread :)
  2. Myself I like the sound of flowmasters catback....with that, check out youtube they have alot of ppl that post of there exhaust and display the sound for others
  3. Thanks Lava. I actually did some looking around on AmericanMuscles site and think I made my choice. I really like the way the Pypes Violator axle back sounds and they wont totally break the bank. Plus I can do the install myself :)
  4. I had FRPP Sport catback on mine . They sounded great and had no drone in the cabin.
  5. Since they're all axle back, i'd just say have a custom exhaust shop, a local one, piece together some borla or magnaflow mufflers with the tips you like. Probably be cheaper than any other options! Hec, if they didnt look any different, i wonder how it would sound having a magnaflow AND a borla muffler. One deep, one high, could sound sweet!