2010 GT Fuel Tank Punctured

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Some idiot here in ATL left his tire iron in the middle of the road and the car in front of me spit it back under my car which punctured the fiberglass fuel tank shield as well as the tank itself. Cost=$1600 for parts (made of carbon fiber direct from factory) and labor. My insurance is covering it so I am paying the $500 deductible.

    Question: There is a plastic/fiberglass shield towards the front of the tank that was punctured as well. I have the option of replacing it or leaving the damaged shield (2 inch puncture) over the new fuel tank and getting $150.

    What should I do? Replace fuel tank shield or pocket $150? :shrug:

    Here are my thoughts: The shield did not protect it this time. It will not affect driving or performance. The probability of something hitting the same spot is very slim. Most important, I could use the cash to pay a driving citation :D Is there something I'm missing. Any engineers or mechanics know the importance or significance of that shield?

  2. It would be tempting to not replace that shield, but ford doesn't generally spend money on extra parts which they don't believe are necessary, thus it has a purpose.

    I'm guessing the tank is thin a gauge mild steel and that the also so common rocks I see bouncing around on the road would dent it. A few good dents or scratches and you could have a corrosion problem (rust).

    Or, on another hand, you may probably want to sell the car in another 3-5 years. A sharp eye might notice the tank isn't covered if they have looked at several other cars before yours. They might think it was in an accident and poorly repaired, ect.

    Well, surprising the dealer gave you the option, but just a few more ideas to rattle around in your head. Decision is yours.
  3. I would leave the shield with the 2" puncture...what's the chance of lighting striking twice?
  4. That sucks but hooray for insurance! Same thing happened to me a few years ago with my '95, except it was just a random piece of metal in the road that I didn't see until it was too late. Put a 7" gash in the fuel tank and sprayed a full tank of 93 octane all over the interstate in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Spent 2 nights in beautiful Green River, Wyoming then was on my way again.