2010 GT getting 400 hp or not?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by NeoConMan, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. I was at a Phoenix dealer on Friday, asked him if the 2010 would get the rumored horsepressure bump.
    He sez they get the Bullitt motor, 315 to 325 hp.

    So, anybody else get the word on the new 5.0 motor?
    Is there still a 400 hp motor in the works for the basic GT for 2010?

    The dealer has GT's, Shelby's and 500KR's he wants to sell, so he wants my money today.
    Wonder if he knows more than he's saying?

    Surely a salesman wouldn't lie....

    We may get the wife a plain vanilla 2009 GT automatic with leather this fall.
    Not much for options, adding only the Traction Lok axle and security system.
    Nothing fancy.

    Still, a significant horsepower bump in the basic GT would be most cool indeed.
    If nothing but body work changes, why wait for a 2010?
  2. So far, everything points to "no" being the most likely answer.
  3. Yeah, 2009 it is...

    Tell me, how did you get that snappy Latin phrase about truth under your name?

    I'm unable to locate that function in my profile, I settled for putting it in my signature.
  4. The 2011 will be getting the 5.0, however the current 4.6 3V will carry over on the 2010.
  5. what about the rumored factory supercharger option?
  6. Factory option....I read and heard on the 2010 Premier show that there will be two upgrades. One to around 375 HP for about 2K and 425 HP for around 4K.
  7. You have to earn CTs on this site.

  8. Hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question, but what exactly are CT's and what does it stand for ?
  9. It is NOT a FACTORY option. The 400 & 500 hp FRPP superchargers are DEALER installed options, just as they have been for a couple years now. These blowers can be included in the original bill of sale and financing and get factory warranty coverage when installed by the dealer.
  10. Ford is still run by retards who think it's a good idea to release a body style change first then a new motor a year or two later to try and trick some people into buying both.. they also did this with the pickup truck..

    That might have worked in 1965 but in 2009 we have the internet so now we know in advance to not buy the 2010 mustang.

    BTW the CT's can only be added by a admin.. timeless is one of the admins.
  11. Id love to know an "official" price on this upgrade for 2010.
  12. The Ford guys at the DC Auto Show were telling the crowd about it, called it a Stage 1 and Stage 2 upgrade. Something like 440hp for stage 1 and 500 for 2. Didn't mention price. I told the guy, damn that will take out a shelby. He's like, the Shelby has 540hp. I'm like, its also got an extra 400 or so lbs! :lol:
  13. dont forget the magic shelby nameplate that makes it a godcar.
  14. good one Makoto.

    I had a baby shelby and it was garbage. 8 badges and 15 more horsies was lame. It got looks, but for 3K anyone can make one. I paid over 10K for badges. The stripes from Shelby were tape and rain left permenant spots. I got rid of it waiting to compare 2011 mustang and camaro. Camaro is winning right now. I would get it sooner if my wife would stop buying BS for the baby. Too much gold plated stuff!

    I am glad i didn't go to DC Carshow. I heard you could not sit in new cars like Camaro and Mustang. I would of cussed out ford anyway for trying to feed me a line of bull with 15 more horsies in 2010. I can admit the looks of 2010 mustang are growing on me except the lame modern look of the tail lights. The muscle is gone, but the sound is still the best in the industry.
  15. Shelby is a fraud and makes fisher price stickers and badges. Only out for a quick buck and not making any real products worth price. Just selling a name.
  16. From what I see....the stage II factory installed supercharger kit on the 05-08 models void the warranty. These are the 550hp kits.
  17. And the the T-6060 transmission, upgraded suspension, Forged 5.4L motor thats good for over 800rwhp, built rearend, and upgraded brakes.

    Who really looks into that stuff though :shrug:
  18. which is a good thing because you're gonna need some bigger brakes and stronger driveline because you'll need more power to go the same speed :)
  19. The same speed as what?
  20. force equals mass times acceleration.
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