2010 GT or 2014 V6

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  1. I am buying a Mustang today and my options are the 2010 Mustang GT manual or the 2014 V6 manual. I have been thinking about this for days and I can not decide so I thought I would ask for your inputs. The the V6 only has 10 less horsepower but there are probably more modifications that I would be able to do with a GT rather than a V6 or am I wrong? Please give me your input. Thanks.
  2. I would go with the 2014. New car, better mileage, better insurance rate. Buying a used "performance " car is always a risky proposition. To get any significant performance improvements out of the 2010 you're going to need to throw a blower at it; you can do that with the V6 too.
  3. Go with the '14. 305 hp and 25+ MPG is an awesome combonation,

    Plus, you get HID head lamps, full warrenty, and no "issues" from the previous owner...
  4. Would the v6 engine be able to hold up the modifications like a supercharger etc?
  5. The V6 has a good aftermarket. For me, the torque is the difference. Stock it only has 280 lb-ft. The 2010 GT has 325 lb-ft.

    Torque aside, I would go with the V6 per the reasons listed by Husky44 and earleys94gt.
  6. The v-6 is good but IMO you can't have a Mustang without a V-8 exhaust rumble
  7. If you are going to spend that kind of money on mods, why not just get a 2014 5.0 to have similar power, the sound of a V8, and a full warranty?
  8. The 3.7L V6 is almost identical to the 3.5L V6, which is the engine used in the Taurus/Explorer/Flex Ecoboost's. Obviously, you won't be able to throw 25 psi of boost, atleast for very long, at the engine, but it should hold up to a low to moderate amount of boost.
  9. A CAI and tune on a V6 can get you some added HP and Torque ... we have seen upwards of upto 20 HP.

    A CAI and Tune is a $650+ upgrade ... which isn't bad.

    There are other options out there to that will help out with performance gains ...

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