2010 GT - Torque Converter Failure

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  1. Car: Mustang GT 2010 Automatic - Stock
    Milage: 9,500KM
    Last Service: 5,000KM
    Location: Kuwait

    So i was driving on the highway doing 120km/h and suddenly white smoke started coming out from all over the car. Parked on the safety lane, turned off the car and jumped away... The smoke stopped and a puddle of oil was right under the gear assembly, engine bay looked fine and no dripping under it. Smell of burning oil was in the air.

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    The car was towed to the dealer and after inspection it turns out that the Torque converter was rubbing on the gear box assembly due to an unknown and never heard before reason. They will be removing every part of the gear, taking pics and sending them to the Ford - USA for inspection and advice.

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    It should take 2 weeks if the assembly can be repaired, and 6 weeks for a gear box and torque converter replacement. All under warranty ... But I feel like ****!!!

    Anyone heard of this problem before ?! and did i do something wrong that might have led to this ?!
  2. wow sorry to hear that.....hate to see a new car go through this kinda stuff!
  3. that sucks but it happens with anything mass produced.