2010 GT vs @012

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  1. I just switched from a 2010 GT to a 2012 GT. The 2012 was quieter so I fixed that with GT500 axle backs. The 2012 suspension is noticeably softer. How can I make the 2012 handle and feel like toe 2010? The more I read about suspension changes the fuzzier it gets. I am not real excited about lowering ride height. Please help! Thanks.

    2012 GT 6m 3.73 300A Kona Blue
  2. far as I know unless you had the track pack on your 2010 the suspension should be largely the same. imo the ride height on these new cars is truck like, I recommend a set of nice struts/shocks (I chose Steeda Pro Action) along with some springs (I chose FRPP K springs) but there are many nice options.
  3. I owned a 2010 and now i have a 2012, to me the suspension on the 2010 was much softer then my 2012's suspension. I remember clearly because my 1st upgrade i did was a eibach pro kit with sway bars to address the soft ride. After that the car's suspension was much firmer but not bone jarring. I don't intend to upgrade the springs in this car but i will put better rear shocks on it and upgrade both sway bars.
  4. I am just curious how you landed on the Eibachs. I did not find the courage to stray from FRPP parts on my first venture in suspension mods.
  5. Lower drop then frpp, without ride sacrifice, I've used these springs in many of my vehicles...