2010 GT500 Info Release at New Years

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by MRaburn, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Stay tuned tomorrow evening as we will be releasing all the goodies on the 2010 GT500 including specs and images. ;)

  2. Coming soon, mates. ;)
  3. Finally!! Something impressive!

    I didnt see a price though. Did I miss it?

    DO we have any idea what the price may be? IM guessing $60k+ :(
  4. Ya I'm not sure on price... probably high 40s. They are still hiding that rear fascia. That thing is ghastly and even they are not providing pictures from the rear!!
  5. Not a very good looking car. IMO. Don't care for the front or the sides. I am curious if they changed anything under the hood or left it the same.
  6. They must have changed something...540hp/510ftlbs

    Mike, If they keep it in the high 40s, it might be a competitively priced vehicles. Being that used GT500s are going for mid to high 40s now, it will be interesting to see how this one is priced.

  7. Its basically a tune, intake and exhaust change. Its making the same numbers as the KR does.

    You can get used GT500s with under 10k miles in the 35k range right now and most GT500s are selling at or below sticker now.

    All I know is Im glad we got the 07 GT500 because I think the 10' looks ugly. The front looks messed up and those seats with the stripes are hideous.
  8. Wow! I think this is a great looking car. To me it looks better then the 07-09 GT-500s. This one looks wider and not as big. At first I didn't like the rear of the 2010 stangs but it grew on me and now I realy like it. Good job Ford and SVT:nice:
  9. Looks good from the front but I'd still like to see the backside and see if maybe SVT managed to fix the hideous plastic bumper with a classier diffuser or something.

    Love the le mans stripes on the shiftball I thought that was a pretty neat idea.
  10. 2010 looks a lot better than the previous. Finally some rims with meat on the tires and not some skinny 17's/18's out back. Plus the hood is a 1000's times better than the current one.

    Was at the delership this weekend getting my maint done, and the gt500 new was selling for 42k sticker. A use one was on the lot for 32k.

    Miami Fl BTW.
  11. I think it looks SICK. The side is kind of blah as the S-197 and '10 Mustang has been known for to me personally, and I'm apprehensive toward the rear since I think the '10's rear, although more interesting than the '05-'09, is too cheesy looking and executed kind of poorly.

    All in all, I've always loved the S-197 GT500's, but this one looks awesome from these Pics IMO and 540 HP is simply beastly.