2010 GT500 Twin Turbo

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  1. I just got my car back from having Hellion's "Hellraiser" twin turbo system installed on my 2010 GT500 and all I can say is the kit certainly delivers on its promise. I am usually one to do my own work on my cars, but it this case, having no lift in the garage and the bonus of having the build covered by a magazine, it made sense to farm out the work to a reputable shop.

    The car idles, drives and sound like it did stock, but msh on the go-pedal and get into boost and it's a who different story. Now I need to get some stickier rubber under the car, as the system overpowers the stock Goodyears in every gear.

    Details can be found here: PowerBlock Magazine | PowerblockTV
  2. shelby 500

    all right you have the ultimite shelby now, i seen one at the track last summer, stock except pulleys exhaust chip, it was turning 10.40s. i cant emangine what yours would turn with twin turbos? i was looking to buy a 2003 to 2004 cobra but after driving a new shelby iam gonna save up some more money and get one this summer. have fun. bob from wash. state.
  3. If any of you know of better tires that what's on the stock GT500, please let me know. My stock 2010 GT500 will just shred these F1's. Even stock, this car is awsome, I'd bet with twin turbo's you have a hellova kick in the pants now.