2010 GT500 VS 2010 Hennessy Camaro

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  1. The GT500 exhaust tone is amazing!
  2. Haha and people say the solid rear axle is dead. Looks like it just beat a IRS Camaro. I hope Ford never switches back to the IRS setup like the 03-04 cobras.
  3. Thanks for sharing the video. Both are nice cars.

    I see the base price of the HPE550 Camaro is $62k....thats with you supplying a barebones $31k ss camaro and the $31k upgrade.

    The argument that some will pose is....the Gt500 beat the camaro....and you have $12,000 left in your pocket. Spend that $12,000 in mods for the Gt500, and you will have a vehicle that competes with Hennessy's LS9 powered HPE700 camaro (700hp) that retails for $109.5k

  4. And how does the warrenty work on that Camaro? After the whole GM/Bailout/Bankruptcy dealio, they can kiss my buttocks. We are switching everything over to Ford at work. :)

    Cant wait till my 500 gets here. :p
  5. Not to mention that it looks like Hennesy may have delivered a ringer; advertised 562 hp and dyno'd at 559? Sounds like a ringer to me.

  6. add to that, you have to run race gas in the Camaro vs pump gas in the Stang. Ya, great comparison there.

    States that to run on pump gas, the Camaro is tuned to 530hp. not very impressive IMO. Throw a pulley and tune on the shelby, your 520-540 rwhp on pump gas.
  7. SO, what you think the guys on a LS1 site say about the same vid ??
  8. ^^^Most agree with it, almost all of them feel the GT500 is better equipped and put together. The Hennessy is a Beast...to every meaning of the word. Comfort is not an option lol
  9. So while we're comparing 2 cars that are thousands of dollars apart in MSRP....why again isn't anyone comparing the GT500 to the Camaro SS?
  10. 540 Hp GT500 to 426 Hp Camaro SS......maybe over 100hp difference !!! Really? The GT500 is high 40s (48+ to Low 50s) The Camaro is 40 max with markup. Well Equipped at 34k.

    Or how about NA Motor against Forced Induction Motor !! The GT500 is Fords Big Muscle car...when the Z/28 hits then we"ll see about FI VS FI motor..... I know I know, you think the Z/28 isnt coming back right...Hmmm Check this out !!!

    Wink, Wink: GM officials reportedly coyly confirms Camaro Z28... but it isn't coming soon
  11. Still dont think the new CEO (Obama) will Ok that one. :shrug:

  12. Then compare it to the GT500 with a pulley/cai/tune with 520+ at the RW vs the Camaro modded on pump gas also. As for the Z28, Government Motors wont happen with that car.
  13. We'll see.....its all heresay of course.
  14. GT is 315 HP, SS is 426...that's over 100 HP difference there

    And in the real world, yes, these Camaros are marked up at every dealership I've been to to look at them. You can throw MSRP numbers out there all you want but my GT is going to ring in at about 32k and I couldn't get a comparably equiped Camaro for less than 38k. Not sure if it's the market I'm in (not a bigger city) but the Mustangs are going for under MSRP and the Camaros are being marked up.
  15. ^^^^ The Mustang cant hang straight up (12.90s beat 13.50s every time), nor can the Camaro hang with a GT500(12.50s beat 12.90s every time). What are you trying to prove, just the facts.

    The reason you see Camaros marked up at dealerships is that the demand is so high with so little quanity. Market adjustment prices is what thats called. If you pre-order your Camaro you get them at MSRP, I had a Ford dealer try and sell me a Base Model 2010 GT for 35k. I was just checking it out, it was the first id seen. I told him theres no way a Base model GT should run that high. He agreed :)
  16. Not trying to prove anything or say the GT is faster. Just pointing out that the video is comparing two cars that are thousands apart in price, so if someone is going to do that then why not compare the GT500 go the SS since the power difference between the GT and the SS is about the same difference between the GT500 and the SS, and clearly price wasn't taken into consideration for this comparison.
  17. Id say your completely wrong on the prices..... a Camaro 2SS is 34k, thats a loaded Camaro. As the Mustang Premium GT with Track Pack is 35k. I dont see how I keep hearing the Camaro is so much more expensive.

    If you add the RS package which is just an appereance package it jumps the Camaro at 36k, then all the other crazy stuff you can add ( 21in Wheels, Ground FX package, Inferno Leather Inserts, Painted Engine Covers...Ext. Yeah it can get crazy...... But so can a Mustang, there are a million options you can add to your mustang to jump it over 40k.

    Top Model vs Top Model the Camaro and Mustang are at the same price. When Car and Driver did the test the Camaro came in with a 2SS at 34k, and the Mustang came with Track Pack Premium at 35k.
  18. Funny, if you go to the GM and Ford sites this is what I find.

    Camaro base prices:
    1SS: 31,040
    2SS: 34,225

    Mustang Base prices:
    GT: 27,995
    GT Premium: 30,995

    The only thing I would absolutely have to have with the Mustang is 3.73 gears and even on a Premium it only runs the price up to 32,935.
    Here are fully optioned prices for both cars:

    1SS: 42,840
    2SS: 45,720

    GT: 29,735
    GT Premium: 41,580

    Looks like the Mustang wins this comparison although its still at least .5 second slower in the 1/4.

    Now the Mustang does have more choices, but isn't that supposed to be a good thing to have choices? But then again looking at build your own Camaro there are just about as many choices for it too. Looks like a fully optioned 2SS Camaro is aproaching GT500 territory which is roughly 52K fully optioned.
  19. I think you missed my point - The Hennessy Camaro is $62.5k whereas the GT500 rings in at around $48-50k depending on options, that's at least a $12k price difference - Same as the price difference between a GT500 and a Camaro 2SS. My point was simply that no one's comparing the GT500 with the SS because of the price difference, yet the video, a good one I may add, the 2 cars are compared and their prices are over $10k apart, so obviously price wasn't a factor, just HP. This conversation could go all day though, he who has more money will go faster.