2010 GT500 VS 2010 Hennessy Camaro

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  1. Funny how to the ls guys it "not fair" to compare a gt500 to a ss because it has 100+ more hp yet its perfectly acceptable to compare a ss to a gt which is also a 100+ hp difference. GM and their little camaro= FAIL in every which way imo. That is all.
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  2. Funny how to the ls guys it "not fair" to compare a gt500 to a ss because it has 100+ more hp yet its perfectly acceptable to compare a ss to a gt which is also a 100+ hp difference. GM and their little (not literally) camaro= FAIL in every which way imo. That is all.
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  3. The GT500 is a totally different animale than the "3" so called Muscle Car trio. You got a Forced Induction engine and all the parts from a 70k GT500 KR. I would see how you would like to compare this though, maybe make you feel better about your ride right.

    The Shelby is Fords super Car.
    So compare a Vette to a GT500. Not even the Z06....which would be embarrassing in every way. The Zo6 505hp, Compared to the GT500 540Hp , the Z06 which is nearly 2 seconds faster. Fact Z06 65k and GT500 46k.So lets not compare those.

    How about just the Z51 Equipped C6 Vette, 436hp. I wont go into the numbers. Price for Price the GT500 is equal to the Z51 C6. The Camaro is just the younger sibling to the Vette. You want to send big brother to kick our ass.....well will just send the Middle Brother, the Older brother is to UFC lol.

    Good times guys :)

    I normally dont get an attitude on a forum
  4. The shelby gt500 is not fords supercar, it is infact a shelby gt500 not ford gt500. The ford gt (which would put all your "super" chevys to shame) WAS fords supercar. Ford no longer has a "supercar". The camaro sucks dude, sorry. A whopping 111hp more than gt and it can barely out muscle the puny 4.6L? Thats pathetic. Almighty brembo brakes and it just marginally out-stops the cheap stock fords brakes? PATHETIC! A fully "sophisticated" suspension and it DOESNT handle better than the mustangs out dated suspension??? PATHETIC PATHETIC! And you have to pay more for this "superior" car?! WOW! Youd have to be a flaming tard to think the camaro is a better vehicle. Ill take my 'ol slow gt over a slomaro anyday! Because in the end I know the mustang will still be around for YEARS to come where as chevy will have to stop making the camaro AGAIN because they just dont have what it takes to compete with the mustang. Thats right THEY CANT COMPETE! So once again chevy+camaro=FAIL! Lol silly chevy guy real cars made by ford.
  5. BUT unlike the Corvette the GT500 uses the same platform as the Mustang, so its not a sibling its an actual Mustang. At present Ford doesn"t have a super car and rarely ever has. That territory is conceded to the mighty Corvette.

    Why is it Chevy guys always argue that a GT500 is not a Mustang? Ridiculous.
  6. Dude, please understand your point, especially before you go throwing flames at others about how their car "sucks". The only thing Shelby produced for the GT 500 is the logos. It's a Ford.

    I'm hoping to buy one in the next year or so; I'm not a fan of the Camaro, but I'm not going to go around flaming those that are. I don't need to mock someone else in order to feel good about my car either. Can't we all be proud of our own cars, glad that for the time being the Chevy guys have something to be proud about, and leave the competition on the track where it belongs, and the only place that it really matters? If you can't, and you have to talk smack, at least make sure you've got your facts straight.
  7. LOL... I knew that would get a rise out of you 02GTRx. I just wanted ppl to see how absurd you really are. Instead of keeping it civil, you throw insults. So I went ahead and threw alittle dirt back in your face....and your response was that the Shelby isnt a Ford !!! Really? SVT created the Shelby GT500 there sport, with just a little oversight by the man himself carrol shelby.

    Your opinion on the Camaro is your own and its yours. I respect that, but how about showing alittle maturity with your posts. I went out of my element alittle and maybe thats what you wanted. Anyway good reading and I look forward to your next Flame.

    Oh...and if you think the Ford GT is faster than the Z06 you are sadly, very sadly mistaken my friend. Look that up on your own as its very aware that your just spating incorrect information.

    And maybe we should keep the price range intact. The ZR1 Corvette 115k vs the Ford GT 140k......Guess who wins?

    Good day and HAPPY 4th Of JULY to Everyone !!
  8. The shelby gt500 is based off of the ford mustang (obviously) but like the saleen, roush, or steeda it is at some point in production sent off to a specialty tuner (see above) to be finished as "their own" product hence their logos. To go off and state the shelby gt 500 is fords supercar is incorrect. I never flamed his car, i flamed the camaro all together, had I said "hey man YOUR personal car sucks" then yeah I'd be flaming his car making it personal. Theres no need for that. I dont care what he drives, my point is simple imo (which we are all entitled to) the new camaro is crap.
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  9. Thats funny, Ive been hearing for years the complaining about us having a Corvette Powertrain underneath our hoods. We still carry the same powerplant.
  10. Ha ha ha ......wrong .. LS1.com has the same vid ..everyone says they would much rather have the Camaro ...

    Same all over, Ford fans will say that a Chevy has a good car and good product but never like Fords and give no respect to them at all ... But in 2-3 years Ford will still have a Mustang ...we will just see if Chevy has a Camaro ..
    One thing they all hate to hear is Sales numbers of the 2005 Camaro ....
  11. I find it a little typical that they chose to run a special production Hennessey prepped Camaro SS against the stock, right off the showroom floor GT500. Yes, I realize the Mustang is blown, but the GM has a pretty sizeable cubic inch advantage to make up for it. Why not go Hennessey vs. Hennessey? The Hennessey Camaro SS against one of the Hennessey Venom GT500 packages?

    The Hennessey Venom 600R makes more comparable horsepower figures to the Hennessey Camaro SS??

    Man...why can't GM get an exhaust note right? They all sound like glorified out-board motors since 1993!?! Sure, the crispness of the tone changes, but I'll be damned if they don't all sound like ass to me none the less.

    No offence intended SS02 :)
  12. I won't complain about that, you've got some great motors just horrible cars. :lol:
  13. Ok were getting a little out of hand here. Last time I checked no one has ever said or thought a Mustang was a supercar, SVT or not.

    The whole forced induction excuse is BS too because that’s just Fords way of making power. GM uses high compression, large displacement motors while Ford uses lower compression, smaller displacement motors and throws a blower on it. For some reason its fair to compare a 6.2L motor running 10:1 - 11:1 compression against a 4.6L running 9:1 compression. God forbid though Ford throws a blower on a car and that’s not fair at all.

    As for the parts from the 70k KR that consists of gears, exhaust, CAI, and a tune. The KR is over priced and the visual components of the car are what really jack up the price.

    At the end of the day a GT500 is still a Mustang its not a super car and its not a sports car, its just a pony car with a larger motor. Comparing it to the Vette is a joke but it’s the only thing the magazines can compare it too because it blows everything else out of the water in its class.

    Even if the Z28 does come out, which I’ve heard from many people in the know that its not, you already know that it will cost much more than the GT500 and it still won’t out perform the GT500 by much and the potential will be no where near that of the GT500 motor.

    For the Ford vs. Chevy Supercar bout you are right the ZR1 will pretty much decimate all but Fords never really been in that game. The Ford GT was really a waste IMO. Yea it was a cool car but the practicality of it was 0, they only made it a few years and it cost them a ton of money. At least with the Vettes you can drive them anywhere you want and be comfortable. I've been in a Ford GT and was really uncomfortable and cramped.
  14. It must just be the ppl on this site
  15. Go to LS1tech.com, trust me its a 60-40 deal in favor of the GT500, everyone seems to like the GT500. As far as not giving respect to a Ford, id say thats on both sides when the a topic is brought up about another car on the opposite website.

    Well I can guarentee itll be here in 2-3 yrs, in 5-6 maybe a different question. CAFE laws may kill all of our beloved muscle cars.

    2005 Camaro? If you meant 2010 Camaro, well just check previous posts and you'll see the Camaro is outselling the mustang and challenger at the moment.
  16. The Camaro is out selling the Mustang? That would be a historic moment in time. Where are you getting these facts? I have searched but been unable to get 2010 selling numbers yet. The vauge stuff I found says under 20,000 Camaros have been sold. Ford has prolly sold more Mustangs then that to Budget Rent A Car alone. :shrug:
  17. DETROIT - Here are the numbers you've been waiting for: the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, 9,320 sold in June; Ford Mustang, 7,632 (-29.9 percent versus a year ago June. This is to be expected with any new car that comes out. A bunch of people buying into the hype. Look at the challenger, they sold like hot cakes (around here atleast) when it came out. Now theyre struggling to sell them. I think challenger numbers were about 1500 +/- a couple for june sales. Expect the mustang numbers to go up atleast 30% once the 5.0 hits. Then itll truly be over for the camaro.
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  18. That’s believable but that’s one month. LOL Like you said people buy into the hype. The Year's sales are what it’s all about. I’m sure at the end of 09 it will show the Mustang out selling the Camaro. Hell when the new body style was introduced in 05 161,000 Mustangs were sold in the <?***:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">US</st1:country-region></st1:place>, that’s about 13,400 a month.<?***:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  19. ^^^ ford knows this so its very unlikely theyre breaking a sweat about it. But for some reason gm and magazines are gettin all wet over one months sales.
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  20. nope I meant 2005, as in there wasnt one .. as in wasnt one from 03-08.. As in if this car was made by GOD himself the way the Chevy people talk why wasnt there a demand for a new one all those years ...???