2010 GT500 VS 2010 Hennessy Camaro

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  1. They shouldnt sweat about it, Mustangs will always sell great. If you would get off your highhorse and realize that the excitment is that the Camaro may actually make it and continue on.

    I know you would like nothing else than to have a mustang and thats it rolling the streets.......not going to happen though. Im sure once the 5.0 hits its going to sell like hotcakes......

    We hope that the Camaro launches the Z/28 but at an affordable price, if it equips the mighty LSA engine, then its sure to hit low 50sk. I wouldnt mind a lighter race ready type of Z/28 hitting around 38k+ base price. Heres hoping.
  2. More ppl rose an eyebrow than just Chevy ppl in order to have the Camaro comeback. Keep telling yourself that though.
  3. that must have been a pretty slow eyebrow ..The LS1 was a great improvement over the LT1 , I had a 97 T/A, and the best part of a GTO is the LS2... So why did it take so long to get another Camaro if everyone wanted one so badly?? Sure a lot of people are buying them and making a fuss over them now..Better hope that the regular people like the Camaro V6 as much as the Mustang ...
  4. Guess GM should thank Hollywood for putting the car into 2 Transformers movies or it probably would have never happened.
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    Worked for Pontiac......lol
  6. hennessey lie? NO WAY! he's as honest as they come and and straight as an arrow.

    well, as long as your arrows are all as crooked as corkscrews.
  7. Didnt the chain back in the day of the camaro go RS, Z/28, then SS (in order of performance)?? Why is this new Z/28 supposed to be "better" than the SS?
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  8. Yeah, I kinda wondered that myself. They're probably trying to pay homage to the Camaro's of the late-60's. The order of things back then was RS, SS, then Z/28. The '69 Camaro Z/28 with the 302ci V8 that competed against the Boss 302 in the Trans Am series back in the day was probably the baddest of the bad.


    Now that was a car worth writing home about. The only years I can think of when Camaro didn't automatically flash images of mullet wearing douche bags wearing gold plated bicycle chains, perched behind the wheel. :nice:
  9. That was bad ass! Love that GT500.
  10. Because of the risk of it failing. Thats what I think anyway, and I do believe the V6 will sell continue to shine in sells. As far as the top Models go, SS Vs GT I think most of those sells go to Fan Base owners, You and me. We'll see though, as long as the Camaro can continue to stay close in Mustang sells I think they'll be alright.
  11. Dont Hate on the move, it was a brilliant marketing stratagy. The big dogs in GM pretty much have all the cards on table with the camaro and its continued existence, theres no give at all.
  12. Lets continue to keep it civil boys. SS02 is conducting himself respectfully with his side of the arguement, so lets please do the same when you choose to debate him. Lets not turn this into a "Jump on the GM guy" thread. :nono:
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    I think of this Movie ..guess it depends on when you grew up ...
  14. Not hating on the movie. Just pointing out that without the movies the car would have had much less publicity to the normal public. And the Mustang....well that's a car that doesn't really need publicity, pretty much sells itself. I noticed the new Camaros say "Camaro" on the side. Is that so normal non-car people can tell what it is when they look at it?
  15. How is that different that the Mustang having the name MUSTANG, Mustang GT or COBRA recessed into the front/back bumpers from the '87-'04 model years?
  16. The 00 Saleen SR is the closest any mustang has ever gotten to "supercar status" price tag and all.
  17. I think chevy may have done it for the newer generation and women who typically arent car people. They will see this new chevrolet vehicle and think "what is that?" Until they see the camaro on the side then it'll click. Ford on the other hand does not need to label the mustang. Anyone whos knows what a car is knows what a mustang is. Those year models may have just had it to keep that part of the car from looking so plain.

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  18. In this case I was referring to the new model. I owned an 01 so I obviously know "Mustang" was pringted on the back bumper. But the new one doesn't have the word "Mustang" on it anywhere unless you get the stripes on the bottom of the doors that have it, because even my grandmother can tell it's a Mustang just by looking at it.
  19. Meh, I think that's a stretch. I won't argue that the Camaro is ugly as sin, but bagging on GM for their choice in adding some "in your face" badging to the side is a little petty considering ford used a similar approach.

    Chevy's badging of the new Camaro is no more "gaudy" than the Mustang's was a few models back. I'd think the new Camaro would be easily recognizable by anyone who knows what they're looking for....the same goes for a Mustang. People now regonize the new S197 because its been out now for 5-years. I remember when it first hit the street, plenty of people men and women alike that weren't familar with the style change had no idea what kind of car it was. :shrug:
  20. Thats hardly "baggin" on anything at all. :shrug:
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