2010 GT500 VS 2010 Hennessy Camaro

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  1. Sorry then...."criticizing". That a more appropriate word? :shrug:
  2. alittle constructive criticism never hurt anyone...
  3. Not at all.....as long as we remember our own cars were guilty of the same short comings at one time and this "styling" cue (or flaw depending how you choose to view it) isn't exclusive to Chevy alone. ;)
  4. Id say from about 73 to 84-85 ford went the wrong direction with the stang. Im glad i wasnt around then...
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  5. How do the '86-'93 Fox's get the nod, but the '79-'85 don't when they were all Fox bodies and all about 90% the same car?

    IMO, the pre-aero Mustangs were probably the most "muscley" looking of the Fox's. Four-eyes, available T-Tops, halo head rests, round gauges, etc. The '85-'86 cars especially were probably my favorites. :shrug:
  6. Nah i favor the 88-93 fox, anything before that looked to much like an escort..and pinto...ill tell you what though im glad the probe never replaced the stang as planned..
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  7. 93 Cobra is the Favorite. Im done talking about the Camaro to Fast05 and GTRX, they just hate the car and civil debate is pointless.

    I like automotive forums because in general its all car guys, but you find yourself finding these guys who are like hardcore fans of their product and blind to anything else, and not on just on this site its evident on the LS1 Sites as well. So its better to just say "OK" and move on to the next person who actually can see your point of view and respect it, instead of trying everyway possible to TRY and make you hate your own car or car of your liking.

    Like ive said before, ive owned mustangs and you dont have to tell me about the great tradition, styling and joy of having a mustang. The differencs between you and me is that I respect your point of view. Take that for what its worth.

    Gearbanger thanks for your comments but I can take it and have dealt with ppl like that for years.
  8. Does the Cougar say "Cougar" on its side?

    The only badge that kinda annoys me on the GM cars is that little tiny silver GM badge they slap on the side of eveything now. I really think it looks dumb on the side of a Vette. :nonono:
  9. I like the fox bodies, never liked the next gen till 05 hit. Coming from being a classic owner for over 20 yrs, its definitely the style I like.

    As for the Camaro, saw a red one, and it looked much better than the orange one I saw. Dunno, that orange just makes the car look bloated in the rear or something, red looked nice. I'm sure black would look great on it.

    SS02, I get your point on the GM fans and Ford fans. I used to never have much of a preference on brands, as long as it was American made. However after the screwing GM did to us on a truck and then these bailouts/dealer screw overs. Its 100% Ford for me now. I love my SRT8 Jeep, been the best vehicle Ive owned yet. I'd even take it over my 05 CTS-V but I will never buy another one from Chrysler.

    As for the decals deal. I always hated that on the Mustangs saying "Mustang" down the side, or the lame ass V6 ones that ppl put GT350 or some stupid crap. Dunno why they feel the need to do that. Reminds me of the Rental cars with Mustang plastered all over it. LOL We have a 99 or 2000 running around here in town with GT200 on the side. WTF is that supposed to mean?
  10. My intent was not to flame anyone's car, so I apologize for the misunderstanding, SS02. As for the badging post, probably off topic. Like it's already been mentioned, the Mustang has had the same crap plastered all over it in the past.

    My only intent with my first reply was to pose the question that if a 62k Camaro is being compared to a 48-50k Mustang....then why not do the reverse and compare the GT500 to the SS. That was the point I was trying to bring up.

    Nevertheless, it doesn't necessarily matter how much your ride costs, it's the driver and how he drives his car, and like they say, run what you brung, at the track of course. But posting a video on any car forum such as this or on the LS1 forums is probably going to bring heated debate and/or criticism from both sides - a lot of people are loyal to their brand, but that doesn't constitute flaming someone else's ride. We all choose our cars for our own reasons, and should probably be grateful that for the first time in over 3 decades we have a muscle car from each American automaker, because who knows how long that will last. All 3 are great cars and each has its own niche. And besides, competition never hurt anything, it's nice to know Ford has some now so they don't slack.

    On a positive note...called the dealership, my car will be here some day between tomorrow and next Tuesday, and while I wish I had an exact date, at least I know it's finally on its way

  11. Congrats on the car .. Hope you will have pics...
    A 4.6 SOHC is never going to be a fair fight VS a 6.0 ..
  12. No harm done and congrats on the new ride, be sure to show us some pics when you take delivery. :)
  13. I'm just happy to see the GT500 was "better" in this test. I mean what's the point of paying extra to get a car which still underperforms its closest competition? I mean I suppose if you have Camaro flowing in your veins, then by all means.

    Speaking on that topic, my dad and I were discussing a week or so back about how when he was growing up ('50s-'60s) you had your Chevy, Ford and Mopar guys and you dare not cross that line. I'm just happy to say there still is a line where many do not cross and will never let anyone in their family cross. I mean when you have all the FWD imports running around, this is good. There's still pride in the American classics. But because of those imports being more prevalent, there's not as strong a following of our favorites as there was. So show off your pride for the Camaro or Mustang, whatever you desire. :flag:

    Anyways, I digress and GM is banking a lot on the Camaro through the TF movies. But they really screwed up with making all of the vehicles some variation of GM vehicle when they needed to be using that money to keep them out of bankruptcy.

    The GT500 > SS > GT and since there is no Z/28, there's no need to quarrel over what ifs. Besides even if they went FI on that car, the Camaro needs to go on a diet, not eat more.
  14. i'd just like to comment about a few items.

    no GM guys ever ****ed about the Grand Nationals being FI like they do with the Cobras/GT500.

    as much as i like the new Camaros style, i would not buy the Hennesey over the GT500. the only performance advantage the Hennesey has over the GT500 (albeit it small) can be remedied for about $600. so you'd still save $10k+.

    the GT500 vs Vette comparison is retarded. they are two different genres. for the price, i would buy the Vette. that doesn't mean the GT500 is somehow inferior.

    the Ford GT vs ZR1 price is also retarded. you are comparing a car that had a total production of about 4000 total over 3 years vs. a car that has the underpinnings of a car that sells nearly 10 times that annually.
  15. Nope....nothing at all on the sides from what I recal actually....aside from a small chrome cat head decal next to the rear quarter panel. Otherwise, just a small "Cougar XR-7" on one side of the rear reflector panel of the trunk and "Mercury" on the other. The letter are no bigger than an inch and a half tall. As the matter of fact, the chrome "SCT" badge I've got on the right corner of the trunk lid is probably the most prominant badge on the car? I've actually had to tell more people that not what kind of car it was.


  16. It is to bad Ford never came out with a serious 2 seater .. that way we could get a good Viper, Vette, Ford ...battle..Ohh well ...Maybe when the Camaro gets into a full swing they will have a car in the Koni series ....
  17. Thought they took care of that with the Ford GT? It put both the Viper and the Vette on the trailer if you recal? :shrug:
  18. sorta .. but it didnt stay around long .. I mean a every year type thing ..
  19. Kiddie stuff ....... !!

    the film and the cars
  20. To say that a GT500 is not a Ford is stupid, Ford still manufactures the GT500. They put the Shelby name on it to sell more cars for more money. I like the GT500 a lot but would not like it any less if they had just called it the SVT Cobra. The only GT500 cars that go to Shelby are the Super Snakes. I respect Shelby for what he did with the Cobras and original GT500 and GT350 but he would put his name on a dog turd if it would sell better.