2010 GT500 VS 2010 Hennessy Camaro

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  1. GM Expected to Emerge from Bankruptcy on Friday.

    Do you feel the Same about the GT500 as far as wieght goes........Dont point past the Fat kid and laugh at the other Fat KID :)
  2. What do production numbers have to do with Performance?
  3. The GT500 is heavy and there is no denying that. I've been saying for the past few years that all these new cars were going to heavy even before much was known about the new Challenger and Camaro. Everyone kept saying that all these other cars were going to be SOOO much lighter than the GT500. I figured they would be lighter but only by a few hundred pounds but now they are out and they are just as heavy or heavier.

    So the question is why are the Camaro and Challenger as heavy as they are?

    I know the camaro has an IRS but that’s only 75-100lbs more than a SRA. The Challenger is just a big car overall which I think is one reason the sales of the car are horrible. The thing about the GT500 though is its hauling around about 75-100lbs with just the addition of the supercharger and its cooling components. Then add the fact that the GT500 has a much heavier motor being a cast iron modular motor compared to the aluminum OHV motors that we know a MUCH lighter. The GT500 has a right to be some what pig like but the others not so much.

    Could you imagine what the Camaro or Challenger would be tipping the scales at with the additional weight the GT500 is hauling around?

    Over all cost. A limited production car that was designed from the ground up makes the over all cost of the car WAY high and in turn the MSRP. Selling a few thousand cars and having R&D costs in the millions doesn't make a company money. Even selling the Ford GTs at 150K Ford still lost alot of money.

    A car like the ZR1 is using a platform that is already been in production and mass produced. Sure the ZR1 has changes made to suspension, motor, ect but at the end of the day the money they spent to create the ZR1 was far far less than it cost to create the GT.
  4. Good points
  5. :nice: All good and valid points. Knew there was a reason to keep you around. :nice:

    Another thing about the GT is Ford treated the buyers like they just dropped $150,000 on a toy.
    When Ford found a couple cracks in their test mule on the A arms they went above and beyond! Granted this stress fracture would only be seen by mabey 10% of the customers that actually race at the limits on a track all the time but because of how Ford handled it will always make me a Ford lover.
    They had custom billet aluminum pieces made for every sold GT and went to you to fix it. If you had the garrage space (and if you have a GT you better have a nice garrage) they came out and swapped all 8 a-arms right there! Now that is customer service!
    Even Jay Lenno was blown away. He said how he joked with the tech in his shop that the famous people get all the perks and the tech said "No, we are doing it like this for all our customers that requested it be done in their garrage." :nice: :hail2:

    Lets see what happens when GM finds some issues with the ZR1 if they are willing to treat their customers to that level of service. :shrug:
  6. HAHA thanks..

    It is crazy how Ford takes care of there customers. They have SVT days where you can go race on a track for free if you own a SVT. They even are pretty cool about mods on your cars and they want you and expect you to race and beat on your car which is pretty cool unlike some companies (Nissan)

    I will give Chevy credit because one of the local Chevy dealerships sold a ZR1 to a local guy and forgot to remove or install something having to do with an oil pump. I don't really remember what exactly they forgot to do and what exactly happened but long story short the guy didn't want that car since something happened to it. So Chevy found out and flew him first class to the plant they make the ZR1 at, he got to watch his car be built and drive it off the assembly line and then that day he had lunch with all the high ups at Chevy.

    Pretty cool story I thought.
  7. Now that is cool. I really didnt think they would do that. When I worked at Chevy we treated our Corvette customes very special but had we done that we prolly just would have thrown in a new engine.
    I was the only one there that sold Vetts and it sucked when the Magnasteer problem poped up cause I would have to drive all over to take care of the customer and deliver them a new loaner Vette while theirs was in for repair.
  8. Yea I hear ya.

    Oddly enough the engine wasn't even damged but the guy just said he didn't want that car just because of what happened. Chevy ended up taking the car back and ended up giving it to one of the top dogs.