2010 GT500..when?..how much?

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  1. seriously considering selling my 05 GTO to pick up a 2010 GT500. when will these be available for order? can i expect a hefty dealer mark-up? if there is a big mark-up then i'll probably pass. at $46K, the car is a good value. but at $60 i'd rather buy a Z06.
  2. I've heard some dealers are selling them at or slightly under sticker and they aren't even out yet.

    If you really want to get a good deal look at 07-09 Shelbys there are some dealers selling 4-5+k under sticker and you can buy used for low $30k.

    The interior is nicer in the 10' but the hp is just up slightly and its just because of a CAI and more aggresive tune (ala KR). If you pick up a new or used 07-09 GT500 you'll have money left over for some go fast mods.
  3. I do not think we'll see the ridiculous markups like we saw with the first S197 Shelby GT500.

    I think people are over initial "gotta have it" novelty of the new-retro design, the current lackluster (sales) automotive marketplace is purely a buyer's dream, and we all know there are dozens of Shelby one-offs, making each other one a little less unique & desirable.

    Just my thoughts...
  4. The Ford dealer I work for is offering 2010 GT500's at MSRP.

    Per Ford, MSRP starts at $48,175 (which includes destination & delivery, plus gas guzzler tax) for the coupe. Options are available...

    HID headlamps = $525 MSRP.
    Electronics Pkg = $2195 MSRP.
    Shaker 1000 = $1295 MSRP.
    Shelby Car Cover = $375 MSRP.

    Convertible MSRP is exactly $5K more than the coupe's MSRP, so they start at $53,175 before options.
  5. Shelby price/model lineup (approx)
    GT500 Coupe 43,125
    GT500 Convertible 47,950
    GT500KR 80,510
  6. Not for a 2010. Perhaps a 2007 or 2008, maybe a 2009, but not a 2010. See my post above yours for real MSRP straight from Ford's order banks for 2010 GT500's.
  7. No markups as long as you find a good dealer, as in my case. I got mine at msrp. I wouldnt pay a penny over msrp as there is no reason too.
  8. 2010 price guide


    This is as of this month. Sort of depends on what deal you can get and how close to Invoice you'll end up being. I'll be test driving at a dealer, but I won't be buying via the dealer. You'll just end up paying more. That's been my experience in the past.
  9. Not that I've seen. Suburban chicago ford dealers are still selling over sticker. in some cases well over sticker. The dang things are piling up on dealers lots so they are clearly not lowering price. One I looked at back in like October is still on the lot.

    At the chicago auto show a dealer salesman guy said they sell at sticker. gave me his card. I went to their website figuring he was BSing and sure enough they were asking..... 68K for it. same car he told me they had... over 20 grand over sticker.

    These dealers are still asking six figures for KR's too.