2010+ HIDs are UGLY as heck!!!

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What do you think of the 2010+ OEM HID headlight on the Mustangs?

  1. I LIKE the HIDs over the normal headlamps.

  2. I HATE the HIDs and prefer the regular headlamps.

  3. Don't care either way.

  1. I know that typically we all live by the "if it cost more, it must be better!"

    But I understand that HIDs are better in the lighting department, but think the new OEM HID option for the 2010+ mustangs are down-right disgusting!

    The normal light flow with the new mustangs well, giving almost a 1970-ish look to a beautiful car.

    But the OEM High Intensity Discharge headlamps that are a $525 option, destroy that beautifully sculpted part of the car.

    Now, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the 2009's have a HID option and it didnt change the look of the headlamp housing???

    Sucks the 2011 Shelby HAS to have those nasty lights..... bummer.

    I will try to get a comparision put together and uploaded as soon as I can but untill then...

    Let me know your thoughts???

    *The title was suppose to be UGLY not UGLT, sorry.
  2. Untitled.jpg

    Top is normal headlamps.
    Bottom pic is HID headlamps.
  3. I think the HID lights only "look" good on silver or white cars
  4. To me they look too much like "Alteza" light the ricers ran all the time a few years ago, or the crappy Projector type headlight all over eBay for any make/model. They don't look OEM they look like an after-thought than a manufacters upgrade.:notnice:
  5. The HIDs look much better with the CS package or the Shelby. The driving/fog lights take away from the look because they aren't HID or at least styled similarly.
  6. Honestly I must agree with the OP. I have not liked the HID look even on the 09. :(
  7. Here is what you do.

    You buy the car without the HID's

    Then you pay $50 for a set of LIFETIME WARRANTY HID's from Sharp and spend that extra $475 on something more useful. Or get a second pair for the fog lights

    SharpHID - Automotive HID Xenon Conversion Lighting

    And that's that.

    Installation is usually plug and play for most cars (though I'd obviously double check before buying)

    I've installed 3 of these sets on cars. One on mine, one this past weekend on my wife's car and one set on my brother's Montero sport. 3 friends of mine have also installed the slim ballast kits.

    After 2 years of use in my car, one of the bulbs started to get a tiny bit yellow in color vs the cool white 6000K color. I emailed them and had a free pair of bulbs in the mail shipped at no cost the next day.

    The wife's foglights are next on my list.
  8. Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion...but I like them.

    I had HIDs on my 2008 too and although they looked nearly the same as the non HID lights (don't know what The Fang is talking about...not much difference in appearance on the pre 2010s ??) they aren't nearly as good as the 2010+ projector style HIDs in my opinion...but if you only care about appearance over function get what you like based on that!

    I also disagree with SlammedGT in that I think the HIDs look best on all colors OTHER than white or silver (look nice w/ black, blue, red and gold IMO) so I guess I'm disagreeing with everyone.

    The cool thing about the newer Mustangs is that you can customize them to taste...both from the factory and aftermarket. Get what you like...it's all good.
  9. I dont like the silver housing, the fliped blinker/headlight, the fact that they look mismatched in comparison to the fog light (though in fairness have hated the grill fog lights since 05).

    Over all I think they take away from the car "muscle" look and give it more of a eBay "paycheck mod" on a honda civic kinda look. I understand how great (though unnecessary) HIDs are, but think Ford missed the point on this one.:notnice:
  10. Oh and if you like the "ricey" look but have a 05-09, why not pick up a set of these and some Altezzas and you'll be squared away.
    View attachment 217474
  11. The more I look at the HIDs, the more I think they actually look like the '70 Mustang from the front. Work with me here. And Very, using your original picture so people don't have to scroll back and forth.


    Anyways, the HIDs push the actual headlight away from the side of the fender, ala the '70 as you can see in the picture above. Additionally, I might be seeing things but I think the turn signal also looks like the fake slats next to the headlight on the '70. :shrug: Anyone else think they might see the same thing?

    And just for comparison's sake the Shelby and the GT/CS with HIDs.


  12. all the HID's are hideous little beady-eyed abominations IMO. There's no reason ford should have used projector lenses on the mustang. big round lamps are the only acceptable look if you want to stay true to the old school look.
  13. I can certainly see where you are coming from on that one, but I see it the opposite way. I see the fake horizontal slats on the 70 looking REALLY similar to the blinker on the standard headlight.
    And as for the headlamp being further inward, I see it, but the magnifying-glass-look of the HID and its tiny size (in comparision to everything else on the GT) make the similarities stop at location only.

    Ok I agree with you more on the GT500 and the GT/CS I think it comes down to the size of the fog lights more than anything. Both the GT/CS and GT500 have proportional foglamps. But the GT needs the big headlamps to even out the big fog lights.
  14. I agree 110%:nice:

    It doesn't look "Mustang" AT ALL! It would be fine on a Korean/Japanese/Euro car but not a Mustang
  15. And the HIDs look even worse from the side view:

  16. Just to compare:

  17. I wasnt talking about the HID light output, I was talking about the fact the housing are silver... and they only look good on silver or white cars.... to me
  18. They dont look too good... but they work so much better. Tough choice
  19. Good comparison pics, I was being to conservative. They look like crappy little beedy eyes. :)
  20. I get pretty bored at work and have time to make these pics:D

    and yeah the lights are beady looking, silver housed, crap.

    And just so everyone knows; HID are the lights the oncoming traffic has at night that are ungodly brighter than anything necessary to safely light the path.