2010+ HIDs are UGLY as heck!!!

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What do you think of the 2010+ OEM HID headlight on the Mustangs?

  1. I LIKE the HIDs over the normal headlamps.

  2. I HATE the HIDs and prefer the regular headlamps.

  3. Don't care either way.

  1. Very, I agree on the stock headlights having the turn signals look more similar to the '70, but the fact they are on the inside makes it kinda a push if you will.

    But yes, the big headlights help balance the big fog lights which makes the car look better overall.
  2. I am not worried about the location and more with what flows with the car better. But to each his own, I will buy mine with the regular headlamps, but as long as people are buying this car and it outsells the Camaro, then its a win for me and the Blue Oval Gods.:flag:
  3. Bright yes. Ungodly so, I disagree. Also, the light is a much whiter color, almost blue. Much more appealing than the dim yellow everyone elses car will come with. :nice:

    I may remove the fog lights as that red shelby looks great without them.

  4. I probably wouldn't care so much if FORD had painted out the housing black instead of silver on the HID's. It just makes the car look cross-eyed to me. Now I'm having a hard time finding a GT Prem. in my area without the HID option. boo..
  5. Yep, sure is ugly, what was I thinking? Better lights that still look fine? Better return it...
  6. The HIDs look better on black or gray cars. I have them on my black 2010 and I like them better. I think I am going to remove the fogs though because they stand out way to much with the blacked out front.
  7. Aw dude were just funnin, :) just try not to blind us. :p
  8. By themselves, the hid's look fine. They do look a little disproportionate with the fog lights though.
  9. Is it just me or on ford's pics the housing looks actually black instead of the silver it is...Wich makes me wonder, since the HID do look good on pics where the housing is not silver, would it be paintable in black? anybody did it?

    Personally, i really think it's a housing colour problem...cause from the front view, the hid's look good (we don't really see the silver...), but from the side...that's where it gets a bit untasteful...Black housing solution would really be nice! Keeps the car's flowing look.
  10. ditch the fogs and the front end looks killer. the hella-huge fogs are the point where the look dies.
  11. Lol every time I see those I think of this.

  12. Hahaha yeah they look very beady!!!:lol:

  13. I liked the regular style best but like the brightness of the HIDs. The GT/CS fogs are projector but dim - I am thinking of putting HIDs in them to make them brighter but will most likley leave the main headlights as they are.
    (i read that someplace)
    AND SINCE YOU HAVE TWO.......THATS 40hp:rlaugh:
  15. I like them :(
  16. I just noticed that the turn signals on the non-HID are inboard, and on the HID cars they are outboard. Interesting.

    That said, I have them on my car (not by choice...I didn't order the car, but it had other crap I wanted), and I like them. They look great on a black car and they perform way better than non-HID.

    As a safety/performance feature, the price is worth it. If you're all about the "look" of the car, I can think of other things to complain about. Like, the transmission being built in China.

  17. Its funny you mention that. I have a friend that has a 2011 Shelby and he said thats one of his few complaints.

    Me, I think they look good on the Shelby. I opted to order my GT without them though. The GTs look better with the regular lights, IMO of course.
  18. I like the look of the standard better, but will order HID. I much prefer the better light output, whiter light, and the sharp cut off you get with projectors. Putting HID bulbs in standard housings is what causes that blindness to oncoming traffic. Projectors give you that sharp cut-off light that won't blind other drivers.
  19. no. $200 is entirely too much money.

    I plan on getting a set of these in 4300K (OEM DOT legal color temp)

    Results for 35W DIGITAL HID kits

    Shouldn't produce more light than the housing can accurately project and shouldn't incur any unwanted glare to piss off other drivers.