2010+ HIDs are UGLY as heck!!!

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What do you think of the 2010+ OEM HID headlight on the Mustangs?

  1. I LIKE the HIDs over the normal headlamps.

  2. I HATE the HIDs and prefer the regular headlamps.

  3. Don't care either way.

  1. They definitely look best on V6, GT/CS, and Shelby's.

    Before I ordered my car in Feb 2010, I had only seen HID's "in person" on one 2010 Mustang and it was a Grabber Blue GT. It was hard for me to picture them on a Kona Blue MCA V6 that I planned on ordering, so I was really on the fence as to whether or not to get them especially since the unneccessary (for me) Security Pkg was mandatory w/ HID's. However, I do a lot of night time driving and my eye sight is not getting any better with age so I bit the bullet and spent the extra $841.05 (invoice + tx).

    They really give my car an almost sinister look, and I've grown to like the overall front end appearance a lot. Now when I see a non-HID Mustang (even GT's), they just look plain / base model-ish to me where I used to think they looked much better.

    My previous '04 with it's factory smoked lens headlamps had surprisingly good lighting (better than my previous '94 & 98) and got even better with Silverstar bulbs. Thought of just going the Silverstar route on the 2011, but had no idea just how often I was going to have to replace bulbs as I had just put them on my '04 2 weeks before ordering the new car.

    The 2011 HID lighting performance is definitely better than my '04, but not a HUGE "night & day" type difference that all the HYPE makes them out to be.

  2. I like the HIDs.
  3. Who cares! I bought it for what under the hood not what the headlights look like!!!! just MHO
  4. I am going to get them for the safety benefits. When I return from Kuwait, I am going to make my Stang all blacked out so even though they are ugly they will be unnoticable and the black headlamp covers will dim them a bit so i dont bother other drivers on the road.
  5. I LOVE my HID's, the look and the brightness. BUT I have a silver GT/CS...As mentioned above, they look good on Silver and the CS packages. I think the big round lights dont go with the cs valence. Looks like for all the bashing, the HID's are winning in the poll.
  6. So just as an aside, what do we think the feasibility of doing a HID swap on a Boss are? I figure you could switch the housings and get them balanced or do the bulbs.
  7. The easiest method would be to buy HID housings and install an aftermarket HID kit.
  8. I also like the look of the car with HIDs. I didn't like the way it looked with the stock GT grille fog lamps though. The fog lamps were bigger than the headlights and just looked stupid, thats why i went with the CS grille, looks way better now.
  9. I don't mind the HIS look. But I ordered them because my wifes Outback has them and they the way to go in the fog.
  10. My opinion: I agree with some of the sentiment expressed by others; they really look better without the big round GT fog lamps. I am thinking about ordering them on my new Mustang, and thinking of going with the MCA package that gives you the billet grill and the small fog lamps down low. With that in mind I think the HID's look pretty cool!
  11. I have the hid and like them.
  12. old farts don't like the HID because they remember how the old cars looked, and wanna pretend the new mustang is an old school ride.

    younger folks who appreciate the better light output and high tech look dig them or couldn't care less.

    to each their own. I think they both look just about the same ( you gotta really know what your looking for to spot it ).. but the increased light output wins hands down.