2010 Mustang Concept thoughts?

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  1. Wow, i'm shocked to see me being the first to post this especially that the 2010 stang concept is on the main splash page.


    and I understand that it's only a concept, possibly completely off base of what may happen.

    I'm putting my $0.02 in right now

    this thing looks wicked.
    the tails are a bit 'unique'... i know i can't see the front, or the interior...
    and again, it's only a concept done by someone other than ford.

    but i'm gonna start hoping beyond a hope now...
    that they stick with this, tweek it, and release this puppy as the new 2010.

    if so...
    my next car will be another stang :nice:
  2. Looks like an eclipse. :nonono:
  3. I think it might look okay. Need more pics but they may be in the right direction.
  4. Although looks are important to me, I just hope that they bring the weight back down to the low low 3000lb range and up the power and/or cubes.
  5. it does look like an eclipse...

    i don' tknow... next Mustang i buy is probably either gonna be a terminator or a Cervini's s197 c500. these few concepts of the next body style haven't really tickled me.
  6. that concept is badass period. i love the modern curves + classic shape. Those tails are awesome.

    I too thought the new stangs were heavy, but the gt500 is pushing 800rwhp with a kb? As for straight line I dont see the point of making it lighter as long as there is enough power going through it.

    you know what would be sick would be a 2 seater mustang roadster built on a lighter platform but then I guess it would be a corvette :p
  7. the way the mustang game is right now, the only one made after 95 i would care to own would be an 03/04 cobra. the rest dont appeal to me at all.
  8. they pay someone to design this crap? thats awefull, i thought the camaro looked like stomped dog ****, i guess we have a new winner.
  9. that car is not the concept, its not even a picture from the us from what I understand from other sites.
  10. it's 'a' concept yes, but no, it's not guaranteed that 'this' concept will forward the new 2010 platform.

    from what i've read, even to spin off from what paul was saying earlier... naturally, the new release is supposed to have more power than the s197 platform... do i think they'll ever bring back the 5.0? doubtful.

    they should make something new...
    there's a 'concept' that hasn't been done.

    make a 6.0L :D

  11. Which would you rather have?

    A 3900lb GT500 with 800hp can run approx. a 9.88 at 138 in the 1/4.

    A 3000lb car with 800hp can run approx. a 9.05 at 150.

    The lighter car will be less likely to break things as well.

  12. IMO Ford will almost HAVE to either:
    1. Add some sort of forced induction if they intend to stick with the little 4.6L in the base GT model.
    2. Up the cubes to a 5.4L at a minimum if they want to play NA.

    I say this based on what GM and Dodge have planned for their soon to be released pony cars. I hope ford doesn't miss the boat this time around.
  13. I like it, but I don't like the tail lights at all. Is it possibly a hatchback/fastback??? If it is, I want one!
  14. Reason cars have gotten heavier over the past few years is because of the upped hp. That slows them down thus making them safer. Safer=cheaper to insure. If they stay at the 3000 pound mark it will be the 70's all over again and companies will charge outrageous premiums on these cars. I am not a fan of the added weight either. Its just a trade off I guess.
  15. 3 points...

    1. I agree with cars being light... it has proven to be a good bonus and helps for performance, however... if the elise and new audi ktm roadster is any indication (an extreme one at that) but my point is... if the car tries to be TOO light, it will cost $$$

    2. I completely agree with the engine size. I was being a bit facetious with my 6.0L comment, however you caught my point. the 4.6, as strong, and good as it has proven itself through time, is not THE staple of the pony car.

    3. I don't like the tails either, but much like almost every concept car I've ever seen, the tail lights are always changed... odd.
  16. Ford has always underpowered there cars :(

  17. I would take the faster one but 9.88 is pretty damn fast too man :D

  18. :D I'm with you on that one! :nice:
  19. Extra weight has its good features too. I think that think looks like a 350z, but its not bad.

  20. Was that bull**** posted on here too??? Can you send me the link?