2010 Mustang Concept thoughts?

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  1. I really like it.

    Doug, I'm with you on the BMW 6series cues...

    I imagine the front end would be redesigned somewhat...it is a little camaro ish, but that can be easily changed

    2010 Cobra V10 TT

    >1000rwhp at 7000RPM

  2. get rid of the ugly front end and id buy it

    I love how they shortened the trunk and lengthened the hood, its hard to notice unless you have a vert, but drop the top and look from the side sn95 is freaking LONG.

    whats up with all the fugly front ends these days

    oh and is that mirror on the side LOL I bet its real good at spotting mosquitos
  3. I agree... it's a step in the right direction. But it needs some serious work.
    I'm still in need to see a REAL interior design. That's what turned me off the most with the S197 ('05+) bodies... awful, awful interior. edit: the interior on that concept is so ridiculously overdone, not only will it cost ford $10,000 each car just to replicate, but... omg... it needs work.

    v10 TT

    That's something to save up for!
    I know they're trying to keep the pony look,
    what I hate is how big the cars seem to be getting.
    are they big? they look big... or long, maybe that's it.

    but hm...
    it is camaro


    i think it needs to be MORE 6 series if that's the route they could take...

  4. Damn that has to be one of the nicest pictures of a 6series I've ever seen

    god those things are sexy

  5. Maybe its just me, but it seems like ever since they released the S197 body style in '05, the car has just gone downhill. Sure the 3 valve is a decently potent motor, but it also seems like the more power they add, the heavier and bigger the car gets. I mean the car may have 40 more hp than the 04 GT, but its also over 200lbs heavier. I don't really like the 05+ body style that much, and i SURE as hell don't like this concept design. It just doesnt look like a mustang anymore. I will fully agree with Kyle on this one and say that the only other Mustang newer than my 95 that i'd LOVE to own would be an 03-04 Cobra. I mean sure, i like all the cars between 94-04, and i love fox bodies, but i dont think i could ever see myself owning an 05+. Ford really needs to get their act together and design something thats maybe 3200-3300 lbs, 350-400 hp, and not look like absolute **** like the concept pics Doug put up. Honestly, as much as a die hard ford guy i am, i think the Camaro looks WORLDS better than the mustang concept pics. I think it looks too similar to the camaro to be honest, and ford is trying too hard to make it look futuristic. Bring back the real mustang!
  6. looks like an exotic... i really dont like it.... but i guess we will see.
  7. I like the new Mustang, with a bit of smoothing out I guess. I'm not too hot about the forced induction or +cubes really. I think ford needs to make it light, really put some time into suspension and chassis stuff, and make the 4.6 more efficient. If the 350Z can put out 300hp, the 4.6 can make much more, just with more modern thinking.
  8. wow I'm really not feeling the interior.

    I don't see the roofline, rear lights, front fascia/grill , interior making it to production.

    overall body lines are good minus roof line...I love the fastback.
  9. some good points.
    i like the 350z comment, and it's true. i think.

    and what won't make it in production?
    i doubt very much that any of this will.
    gut tells me ford will not go with this concept. i wish they would... not everything, but a lot of this car's queues.
  10. doug, did you see the interior??

  11. hahah

    first thing i thought, and i know this is bad...
    italians definitely designed this car.

    it was so... extravagant... the mink seats! the high exotic orange!

    it was by far one of the worst interiors i have seen.
    much like the '93 interiors with their suede, what are they thinking?

    i hope you don't like them lol
  12. mink seats.... WTF?!
  13. come on, Doug, you know how I like faux fur gracing the seats of my interior

    I really can't say anything positive about the interior. I hate the retro gauges, I don't like the shifter...ditto for the glass ceiling...leave that to the mercedes...can you imagine a roll over?
  14. yeah man, wtf is what i said...



    lol, okay... on a serious note.
    from a 'stylistic' point of view, materials aside...
    i HATE the retro gauge, and i HATE the retro steering wheel.
    i do like, however, the retro dash, the chrome style, very sexy, very elegant.
    i do not like the centre console... or the shifter knob either.
    the seats suck, just from a sport perspective altogether...

    the interior looks too reminecent of an rx-8 - and in the sense that, i look at this interior, as a whole...:


    and i say to myself "I do not want to get in that cockpit"

    Now, the exterior, needs work.
    you're right, from a practical sense, a glass roof is not nice, in a roll over, or the sense that if you want to pick your ass, everyone knows what you're doing.

    I own a vert, true, but I still have the control to put the top up and roll up my tinted windows... some days you just want to get that sense of seclusion in your car, a glass roof doesn't allow for that.

    The tails suck, but rarely do I like tail lights on any concept car... and for god sakes Ford, drop the gawdy logo!!


    I hated it in '05 - and i'll hate it in 2010... ugh... that back logo emblem is so, HUGE... and FUUUUGLY.

    Other than that... LOL
    not to be picky or anything.

    overall concept... 7.5/10
  15. okay, now let's forward this to ford and tell them to come back with the revisions.

    oh and Doug, I've got an interior project that I'll be starting in early spring..you'll be interested...it involves a leather trimmed dash...
  16. as long as it's not mink, i'm in!

    ps: ford never listens, so we're toast on that avenue too

  17. oh and i wanted to add
    thanks to henceforward for a kick ass forward.

    some wicked hi res shots... wicked.
  18. uh this is not the concept at all.. it's a mustang built by a crew of Italiens, an italien Chip Foose... this is by no means the concept for the next mustang.
  19. The designer's name is Giugiaro. There's currently a video on www.nytimes.com about it.