2010 Mustang GT

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  1. Hello I am new to the list and just bought a new Candy apple red Mustang yesterday and have some question if the group does not mind.
    1. What are your thoughts on the Roush supercharger with a automatic?
    2. I need to pick some cleaning products for the inside and out side and read the bottels untill I went cross eyed help.

    Any and all input is much apresheated.
  2. I've looked into the roush s/c myself, I think it'll be fine with an Auto. The problem you'll run into is they're not out for the '10s yet, at least not from the dealers.

    I don't think there are drastic manifold differences from the '09, just that ford has put out the tuning stuff for the '10s ECUs yet.
  3. According to roush they are out. See link - ROUSH Performance: Black 2010 Mustang GT Supercharger

    You may have been specific to the Auto though which I believe you are correct but that is only due to them still working on the tune.
  4. Any carnauba wax should be good. I personally use the color match turtle wax on all my cars. IT does wonders on hiding the little scratches you get on a daily driven car. Doesn't fix them but hides them very well. The color of the wax just kind of blends it in.

    Back in my highschool days I had a fight with a guy as I apparently stole his girlfriend (long story but it was news to me she was with him). So, he keyed the heck out of my car. I used this wax and you couldn't see the scratches anymore. They weren't bad but still were not pretty to look at.