2010 Mustang Naked & Wet

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    Slowly but surely, the 2010 Mustang is shedding its padded wardrobe, becoming quite the exhibitionist. Ford knows full well the swarm of automotive paparazzi lurking on the roadways, and some of the craftiest have caught the updated pony car yet again. Shots like the one of the 2010 Mustang GT convertible are just what every Mustang enthusiast is hungry for, because they are the only morsels we have until the official LA Auto show debut of the updated S197 Mustang platform.

    2010 Mustang Naked & Wet
  2. i was thinking the hood that had 2010 mustang on it was bs but its on this car maybe the 5.0 hood ?
  3. shame they could not get a photo of the window sticker and see what it says
  4. I see that the hood has a subtle but definite bulge in the middle. Wonder what is under it.
  5. i like the headlights a lot better