2010 Mustang Pictures

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  1. Tail lights

    The key slot for the trunk is in the rear emblem. I own a 07 GT/CS and it's at
    the top of the emblem, not beside it. I can't wait for the entire unveiling...love
    the new interior, just not so sure about the changes on the exterior..especially
    since we haven't seen enough of it yet.
  2. But that's ON the spoiler I don't see how that's a keyhole.
  3. They would not integrate the keyhole into the spoiler unless the spoiler was integrated as well. It's probably a backup sensor.
  4. You are correct! that's a backup camara :nice:
  5. How do you know?

    I may be new here, just wondering how you know that it's a cam? I don't see a key hole anywhere but the spoiler...:shrug:
  6. If Ford is not going broke, why is it asking the government for a handout?
    Also, I am speaking somewhat in jest.
    Just show us the car, Ford.

  7. And if you had bothered to read the Ford survival plan, from the "Detroit News Press Article" in which I had posted.
    You would've noticed that although they're asking for a government loan. Ford is also NOT depending on one either, which is exactly why they already have their own plans for turning the company around. But in the event that a government loan is offered to them, then of course they're not going to turn it down. As a matter of fact, they already have a proposal plan put together for exactly how the bailout money would be used, in order to bring Ford back to profitability.

    That being said, can either GM, or Chrysler survive without a government bailout ?

    My answer, is an absolutely, positively 100% "Hell No" :flag:
  8. i thought GM execs said that they "would wager that they are better suited to the changing market conditions better than any other company" or something similar. guess they were wrong. :shrug:
  9. Being as they recently lost another 2.5 billion. GM is simply running out of cash resources, and without a government bailout. They're going to run completely out of money before the end of 2009.

    Where on the other hand, Ford has more cash reserves on hand, and also secured more credit, before the current economic meltdown took place, which will take Ford well into 2010. However beyond 2010 ? is another story.

    But if you read Ford's survival plan, from the "Detroit News Press" I really believe that Mulally has a really great plan for turning Ford around, and eventually returning them back to profitability.

    At any rate, here's the link for the survival plan below, if your interested in reading it over.

    Exclusive: Ford’s survival plan | The Detroit News | detnews.com
  10. It may be a sensor an not a camera.
    Now for my first comment on the new beasty is to me it's a futuristic look to the current s197 so I guess you could say its a Modern Retro. :)
  11. i have seen it :D the rest of you will have to wait until next week, sorry. :(

    unfortunately, i still dont know for sure if that is a backup camera, although one website is claiming that to be fact. overall, i am not decided on the car. i think i will hold my judgment until i see it in person.
  12. So far, so good on the new stang...
  13. :rolleyes:What do you mean that you "have seen it" and the rest of us will have to "wait untill next week", then you will hold your judgement untill you "see it in person?"
  14. GM said last week that if they do nothing and just continue on the course that they are on, they will be completely broke no later than February.

  15. Regardless of what they do, without a government bailout. They just simply will not have enough cash resources to operate beyond 2009.
  16. I am excited to see the design, I just hope that FORD is still aroung in 2010!
  17. ill reply to this post tomorrow ;)