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    $31k for a no option premium gt!!!

    Tax, tag, title, and a few options.....and you are in the same price range as a slightly used gt500!!

    Heavily optioned, premium GT vert....with sales tax, tag, and title is $50k!! (assuming 7% sales tax). That price doesnt even include all options!!! Dont believe it? Add it up!
  2. If you look at the current MSRP(not the adjusted rebate and employee price), it is not that bad of an increase. I looked up the current pricing and compared it to the new released prices. Here are the price increase w/ each car level:

    v6 deluxe - $565
    v6 premium - $1475
    GT deluxe - $785
    GT premium - $1835

    v6 deluxe - $742
    v6 premium - $1650
    GT deluxe - $960
    GT premium - $2010

    So, the price difference is more on Premium models, range is $565-$2010 increase.
  3. So much for afFORDable.

    Seriously that's too big a hike for essentially a restyle. Perhaps with new powertrain/suspension options I can see that but as is no way. The Mustang has always been widely popular because it was cost efficient compared to its direct (Camaro/Firebird) AND indirect rivals (Imports).

    Ford is really gambling with its future here.
  4. I think they will at least need to continue the employee pricing and rebates in order to sell the cars. It is a shame that the do that and don't just lower the MSRP to a reasonable price instead of all of the rebates, etc... With the new camaro coming out, and the fact that new car sales are dropping so quickly they should have really just decreased pricing across the board. That is what Jeep did with the wrangler with the latest body style in '07 and it definately helped sales.
  5. GT Coupe - $27,995
    GT Coupe/Premium - $30,995

    That's with destination charge so it's just tax and title and whatever extras you want... it's not that much more than previous years.

    Pretty sure I'll be able to get what I want for under 32k and still have a facotry blower ;)
  6. the option for a factory blower at just a few thousand more will make this new mustang walk all over the new maro and mopar cars.

    guys, our economy sucks. the dollar is getting pretty crappy. is it really a big shocker than it'll take more dollars to get newer cars?

    if the new stang is better in all the ways i think it will be AND doesn't pack on a bunch of weight (like all the other domestic muscle cars) i'd say it'll still be a definite contender.

    ford has always played it safer than the other guys. this is a good price for what the car is and when you consider how much better this car is compared to the previous mustangs the price increases will make sense. can anyone here really say that they should charge the same for this car as they did for the cars up to 2004? i don't think so.
  7. Aside from styling changes (inside & out), and 15 extra hp, here's what you get additionally in a GT Premium in 2010 that you did NOT get standard in 2009....

    18" wheels.
    Sequential taillights.
    Compass & outside temperature display.
    Lockable center console.
    Pockets on back of front seats.
    Interior trunk release.
    Auto headlamps.
    AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control.
    Easy Fuel™ Capless Fuel Fill on all models.
    Event Data Recorder (Black box).
    SOS Post Crash Alert System.
    SYNC™ Voice-activated Communication and
    Entertainment System with 911 assist and vehicle health

    That's a lot of additional standard equipment that will go into every new GT Premium model in 2010. Start adding up what that stuff would cost to retrofit, and you'll see that Ford is holding prices low for all that you get.
  8. Still.....

    I just gotta have me one:drool:

  9. And the bullitt suspension.
  10. The car that I built, a GT premium convertible, is going to list out at $42,940...Man that stings. I understand prices go up, and why, but that is $6000 more than my 06 listed out for and $13000 more than my '02. While it all makes sense, it still stings. I just hope that when they upgrade the engine it doesn't bump the price too much or I'm going to have to look at alternative options.
  11. personally, i think the new looks are worth at LEAST a couple more thousand, the interior a thousand, and the other do-dads all add up to what sounds like an all around better car.

    if i were to bite it would be for a base GT with a few options that i wanted maybe with the blower. 32K 400hp 3500lb car? not too shabby.
  12. I know most people prefer the 5-speed, but why has the automatic increased from $645 to $995??

    And over $2000 to have navigation and automatic climate control?? :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh: That's getting into Mercedes territory.

    There is also the fact that the new dash design does not look aftermarket friendly... especially for a Nav unit. :notnice:

    I guess I will have to wait and see if they pull the same "dealer-markup" game.. that would be total :bs:
  13. The 05 & 06 automatic was a $995 MSRP option. It was reduced to $645 for awhile when manuals were in tight supply and nobody would buy the automatic. Now that supply & demand have leveled out, it's back to $995 as an option, as it was originally.

    $2000 for factory, in-dash navigation is normal within Ford's lineup. It's a little bit more than that in many other Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury offerings. Plus, the newest generation of Ford Nav systems is one of the best on the market. Try one sometime, you may be really surprised how great it is!

    Dealer markups on Mustangs are long over. I work for one of the biggest volume Ford dealers in the NW, and we're ordering 2010 Mustang V6's and GT's for our customers at just $500 over the invoice total (roughly $1200 to $2000 below MSRP, depending on optional equipment selected).

  14. Message to everyone: BUY an '09 now!
  15. anyone no if i can preorder one
  16. The 2010 Mustang order banks opened awhile ago, so any Ford dealership can put an order in for you. Some may want a deposit, but many won't care about a deposit. You don't actually pay for (or finance) the car until it arrives.
  17. A GT mustang now costs around $25000 and 2010 cost about $28000. So $3000 more that suxs. I am glad I got my 08 GT when I did.