2010 Mustang Wheel Options

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    The 2010 Mustang has certainly made some waves since its debut with its sleeked out & redesigned body and most recently, the announced release of the new 2010 Shelby GT500. Now, as if that weren't enough, Ford has sweetened the treats a little bit more with an extensive lineup of wheels to choose from. The Ford booth at the recent Detroit Auto Show held host to a wall of wheels that were specifically designed to match the Mustang's new mantra. We think, from an internal standpoint at Ford, this offering is healthy and good--it could prove to bring additional funds back into their direct market as opposed to the outflow to the aftermarket. Continue on to see the great set of wheel choices offered for the Ford Mustang.

    2010 Mustang Wheel Options
  2. Those are some great looking wheels. I love the FR500 style wheel and in 20" they look amazing. I wonder what a sonic blue mustang with those gold wheels would look like. Sorta like those blue WRX's with gold wheels. Sweetness. I can't wait for what the next few years will bring.
  3. Black Chrome 5 spokes FTW!!!
  4. Are we able to order these wheels as options on a new car or do they have to be purchased after the fact?
  5. yeah those black chrome look awesome. :)
  6. Yeah, we want to order the 19" black chromes when we order our 2010 gt, but they are not an option?

  7. Anyone know if the 2010 has the same bolt pattern and backspacing as the 05-09?

    I want these in black for my black 2010 but haven't been able to find out if they fit. I want the 20x8.5 up front and 20x10 in the back. Car came with 19's from the factory.

  8. Cant you just measure your stock wheel and compare?
  9. bumping.....

    Does anyone know if these wheels are available? No vendors sell them. They are not available through FRPP. No dealer knows anything about them.
  10. Ford Customer Service is of no help on these wheels. I told them that I had contacted dealers around the country, had asked on popular mustang websites, and contacted some vendors with no help.

    Their suggestion: contact your local dealership or use their accessorizer website....that doesnt even have anything out for any of Ford's 2010 models.

    I can tell that they really "listened."
  11. I received another response from Ford today...

    "We are sorry that we cannot help you. Please see your dealer."

    So, no one at Ford knows anything about the Detroit Auto Show or can direct me to someone that does know? How hard is this?