2010 Mustang will not shift into gear!

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  1. There are two parts to my problem. The minor issue being my tire pressure light is constantly on but my tires are just fine no air pressure is lost.

    Upgraded Spec Stage 1 Clutch - - very recently!

    The major problem I'm facing is not being able to shift into gear. Just this morning Iwas driving and a red light came in front of me so iI stopped shifted to nuetral and waited for the green. Once the light was green, I couldn't shift to first or second or any gear! I turned off the car, turned it on... Still no luck!

    Luckily I was on sort of a slanted street and was able to roll out of the intersection and pull over. Again I turned off my car and back on still would not shift into any gear. I turned off the car and shifted into gear and it worked this way, it started up and I was able to drive, but shifting gears was horrible, very hard to shift into 2cnd and third.I what could be happening and how can I resolve this issue. Is it a major tranny problem? Gear nox? This is my first stick car that has ever given me this kind of problem. Please anyone with any suggestions help me! I was about ready to just park my car and walk wherever I needed!
  2. Cutch is not disengaging. Look to see if your clutch slave cylinder is still connected. Ensure there is fluid in the clutch master. If so, then further troubleshooting is required but my guess would be that the slave is bad.
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  3. Thank you so much for your help and sorry for the late response. My car has been OK for now but it feels really awkward when shifting into gear. It feels like a very slight millisecond of lag before it shifts into gear it does not smoothly shift in.

    Anyone want to buy a mustang? lol
  4. Here she is, in all her glory. I really just want everything to be running smoothly, or maybe I am overthinking some problems but for sure the starting is a problem at times!

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