2010 Mustang?

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  1. :bs::notnice::shrug::notnice::notnice::Damnit:crapolacrapolacrapola:doh::crazy::puke: I hate this new style! That designer should take him and his designs back to Italy! The American designers who did the ones from 2005 until now had the handle on the OLD style STANG! Ford you need to get a grip! The style of the STANG OF TODAY AND THE ONES OF THE 60'S and your F 150's trucks are all that are keeping you in business! You better stay with what you have which is a BIG SUCCESS! and forget the Italian DUD!
  2. There is not that much change from the 09 to the 10. I really dont see any Giugiaro concept in the 010. :)
  3. I will have to say one thing though if they tried to incorporate a neo CS/GT500 style in the rear bumper they missed it big time. That plastic wraparound cover is downright ugly.

    It's a shame because they had a decent restyle going until they got to that part and totally fumbled it. If it goes into production I expect Roush, Saleen, Shelby, CDC etc. etc. to make some big bucks with body kits.
  4. I've come to look beyond exterior styline with the Mustang because i grow to love each and every style.

    I HATED the 99 Mustang when it came out...now I own one. I HATED the '05 Mustang when it came out, now I love it.

    I don't see a huge difference in the styling change of the 2010, but i know I'll love it. What I am more concerned with is what is under the hood. If the GT model does get the 5.0 mod motor, i would consider purchasing one. To me the 5.0 engine is more important than any styling cues Ford puts on the car.
  5. I think it looks good except for the radio antenna on the back end ruins it, Why can't they put the antenna in the windshield like everyone else?
  6. I like it. Looks good from what I've seen.
  7. +1

    I didn't like the new edge sn95 or the s197 when they first came out but both really grew on me.

    As far as the 2010 goes it's still the same car with a couple of minor exterior changes.
    If I saw a 2010 on the road today, I would just think it was a 2009 with a couple of aftermarket body pieces. If you don't like some of the differences you can always change them with the huge aftermarket.

    I'm not saying I love some the changes but their still MINOR and with 400 hp who cares?:nice:
  8. There are some aspects which anyone of us might dislike. However, that's where your preferences come into play. If the engine is perfect for you, but the styling is so-so to you, is that going to stop you from buying the car? That's what you have to ask yourself. It's the overall package and from what I'm seeing the overall package looks pretty good but there are some styling quirks I'm not liking. But that's the beauty of it. You might not like it right then, but you could grow to like it later down the road. That's what I did with the Foxbodies. Absolutely hated them, now I wish I had one!
  9. How much is this 1 going to weigh 5000lbs,,,,but with 400hp = still slow

  10. The new ones shouldn't be any heavier than the current s197 except for the bigger DOHC motor.

    The current s197 GT 5spd coupe weighs 3480 compared to around 3330 for a new edge GT 5spd coupe. On average their several tenths faster stock vs stock than a new edge sn95 despite having only 40 more hp.

    The new ones should be plenty quick with 400 hp.
  11. Based on what I have seen with the prelim photos of the 2010 Mustang, it appears to contain a lot of the existing S197 architecture. It's mildly refreshed, nothing drastic. The front-end is starting to resemble the 99-04 Fox SN-95 Mustangs and reminds me why I never liked Mustangs until the 2005 model year with the all-new D2C/S197 chassis.
  12. Strangely enough, I really dislike the 99-04 Mustangs and even rank them below the 87-93 or 94-98's in appearance. I hope the 2010 looks great but every pic I've seen so far looks like it's going to be a step back from the 2005-09.
  13. Has anyone confirmed the engine and hp out put?

    The interior looks better, but I'm not sold on the exterior. The antenna in the back is a huge improvement if you ask me. I've always hated having it on the front fender. The front looks good and I like the body lines, but the rear is ugly from the pics I've seen. I guess we have to wait for the full version next month to confirm..but so far I'm not sold on the 2010 mustang.

    I need to confirm the rear fascia production looks and what motor and hp, and final weights and dimensions of the car. :flag:
  14. I think the new one is awsome. The front end is a little sexier, but the curve up above the rear tire behind the door is what the 05 has been missing, what the 65-66, 67-68, and 69-70 all had. The camero/challenger were just latecomers to the party back then, just like now, and still not anywhere near as sexy. When the 05 came out, I fell in love instantly with it, and this new one looks even better. I can't wait to see it without camo!
  15. Meh, I'm sure it will kick ass.
  16. The current mustangs suck. The current mustangs are too big, and handle poorly compared to any modern sports car. Ford should build a roadster with nice handling. The mustang keeps getting bigger at a time when fuel prices very uncertain. Ford need to focus on building a real sports car. Ford also need to expand its line of small fuel friendly cars and than improve handling when budget allows.
  17. The 2010 looks like the 96-04 version of the S197.
  18. Mustangs are NOT sports cars. Never have been, never should be. They are a "pony car." However, you are correct about them getting bigger: almost a Clydesdale, instead of a pony, you might say; but, powerful none-the-less.
  19. The window sticker says the S197 Mustang is a sports car.

  20. FYI, the current Mustangs are approx the same size as the 1969-70 Mach 1. And also, just as Five Oh Brian had posted. The Mustang has never been considered as a sports car, but as a Pony Car.

    That being said, if you feel the current Mustang is too big. Then just take a good look at the current Challenger, and upcoming 2010 Camaro. Once you compare them side by side, you'll no longer consider the current Mustang as being too big anymore. But rather as a dwarf instead ! :flag: