2010 or 2011?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by sjpony, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. If you were buying a new GT500 now, what would you get a 2010 or 2011? Most dealers I've looked at have had their 2010s for a while and I can see why, they aren't really dealing on them. If there is no deal, I'm considering a 2010. Do you think there will be any deals with the 2010s or should I just wait?
  2. They will only make deals if the actual car is sitting on the lot...but gt500's usually arent sitting around..but...they will be once the 2011's are out.. if u can wait till they get the 2011's and find a 2010...EXPECT A DEAL!! Until then maybe not...
  3. Many of the dealers here have one or two 2010s sitting on the lot. Most have also been there a while. In this economy, I don't think they are selling well. But, nobody wants to really deal either, so maybe its best to wait.

    Update: I just checked. The one I'm really looking at has been on the lot since 9/09. That is a long time to sit.
  4. Have you made any offers on any of the Shelbys? Here in Omaha, NE there hasn't been at any dealerships for quite a while. I bought mine last summer and paid sticker. It was worth it to have it early I've only seen one other 2010 on the street. But If I were buying now I would possitively wait for a 2011.
  5. I've not made any offers. I would say there are around 10-15 2010 new ones within 50 miles of me and 5-10 used 2010s for sale. There are any 2007s and 2009s, but I really don't want one of those. Although all the dealer seem eager to sell their 2010s, none are jumping up and down to sell them. There have been a few willing to deal a little, but not enough to make me not want to wait for the 2011s.
  6. There are 2 dealers here that have 2011 Shelbys that are up on their web sites. Both are over 55k. I have talked to both but they want to much in trade. The sticker on mine was 51k and they want mine plus 12k. I'd love to have an '11 but I could really turn mine into a monster for with that kind of money.
  7. That is crazy. Keep yours. Or, I'll buy it for more than they are offering! Your is the color I'm looking for!

    They had the 2010s marked up over sticker here forever. Nobody bought them, hence why they are still around. Location is everything I guess.
  8. When you get your 2011 you'll be glad they didn't deal on the 2010's I predict. That new one is going to get fantastic press when it starts being reviewed.