2010 Production Numbers?

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  1. Now that the 2011's are out, anyone know final production numbers for the 10's? Mine's Sunset Gold and I haven't seen another one in person (other the Ford ads). Will probably get me into trouble with local law enforcement! Good thing my father-in-law's a cop. Thanks!
  2. The specialty colors like yours are usually lower percentage of the total built. They are pretty tight liped on them numbers tho for some reason. :)
  3. I'd be interested to see the numbes for 2009. I see tons of used 2006-2008 GTs out there, but hardly any 09's, even the V-6s. I realize the 09's are newer and not as likely to be traded, but I don't even see them driving much. Ford must have cut productin way back on the last year of that body style. On lots, there are dozens of 2010 V-6s still, but the options for GTs is running out. Many dealers only have base or very high end GTs left.
  4. They did cut production of the 09s early to start the 10s. Which in my opinion sucks cuz they now have 10s sold in 09 and 11s sold in 10. I mean way to early, it use to be standard to drop the new ones in september and now its march/april. WTF! How can you honestly say "I'm driving this and the door sill says otherwise. They are jumping the gun imo. :(
  5. Personally-and this is just my opinion-I see 2011 being a long model year. Since there probably aren't any further major changes coming to the Mustang, I'll bet Ford is going to get back on schedule with their model year delivery for 2012 and 2013. With the rumored 2014 redesign, they may bump that early.

    I do remember when the 2003 Cobras came out...I saw my first 2003 Cobra in June/July 2002 and thought that was mighty early for the '03 model year.

    And it is kinda weird to think that my 2003 GT is now eight model years old...when in reality, it hasn't even existed for 8 actual years (it was built in Oct '02).
  6. The original Mustang was introduced in April 1964 as a 1965 model. That's why Mustangs with significant change come out in April.