2010 Rear End Poll

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2010 Rear End

Poll closed Jun 5, 2009.
  1. I love the new 2010 rear end

    23 vote(s)
  2. I really dislike the new 2010 rear end

    41 vote(s)
  3. I don't really like it but can live with it

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  1. Guys,

    I have listed my 2009 GT500 for sale and was planning on buying a 2010 GT500 as soon as I can. Now I am starting to 2nd guess that decision because I just cannot get past the rear end. I love the new interior, the front is OK and I love the engine upgrade. I just cannot bring myself to like the rear end. I would appreciate knowing how all of you feel, I sure would hate to buy a 2010 and then have Ford change the rear end for the 2011 year because of consumer feedback.

    I am including two pics for side by side comparison.


  2. Most people that see the pictures hate the rear of the car but when they see it in person they normally come around. I doubt ford would change the body after one year as (not sure if everyone has noticed) this seems to be the new trend in the market.

    Honestly, all that matters is what you think :)

    I look back at the 99 mustang change. First 6 months of that body I was screaming at ford. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!! And I have now owned 2 of them...

    The interior is what sold me on the car.
  3. I like the rear end, but not the spoiler. That's easy enough to change, though
  4. I agree that it is not the rear end, its the spoiler. I love the way the rear end looks on the 2010 GT-500.

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  5. Don't do it!!!
  6. +1 :stirpot:
  7. I hate the rear end
  8. dont really like the rear end when i see it in pics, But the new 2010 in person is *drool*, the gt500 is even that much better.
  9. I could live with the tail lights but the bumper looks like a loaded diaper to me.
  10. The car looks so good every where else I can live with the rear being a little funky. I like the tail because it helps to offset the 2010's "chopped off" looking rear end.
  11. All we need is for saleen to make a body kit for it similar to the 05-09's. Something that extends the body and reshapes the butt.

    Otherwise I think it just looks stupid. Kind of like the Prius. Great car.....til they got to the rear end, then finished it up in about 5 minutes and called it a day. :nonono:
  12. I'm curious how many of the "I hate it's" are from people that have seen it in person. I see pics and think what the hell did I buy and then go out an look at my car in person and remeber just why. Just looks a lot better in person.

    Understand taste is subject to each person so not all will like or hate something but just and curious...
  13. I am part of the "I hate it" crowd and have seen one in person. Black is the only color that looks half way decent but even then I still can't stomach it.
  14. I am not a big fan of the rear but it does look better in person. I saw several 2010's at the 45th and there was a white 2010 with black stripes, a hood scoop, and a pedastal style rear spoiler that really good. grabber blue with those stripes and spoiler would really get my attention but then again I've always wanted a grabber blue mustang.
  15. my wife is the proud owner of an 010. I voiced my opinion to everyone at the dealership about spending my money on what could easily be mistaken for the rebirth of the pinto.
    it grows on you just as hating a job, a tumor, ricers with 30gallon fart can mufflers! If you...
    I take that back, WHEN someone mods one with an 09 tail you will see one awsome looking car!!! Me...I am just fine with my 67s!
  16. I am one that didnt care for the rear.......

    ......till I saw it. In person. The slope with the redesigned tails fit the car nicely, and the LED rears are an attention grabber.

    Then again, I liked it enough to buy the damn thing so I may be partial.
  17. I dont mind the rear end, I think they went that way because they put in sequential tail lights. I built one on ford.ca haha to my liking 42,000 later :( haha. Had it as black with spoiler delete had HID lamps upgraded interior and track pack 1000 watt could go on and on. I am liking the 2010 so far and cant wait for the 5.0L to return hopefully.
  18. The rear end is hideous. I reallly, really, hope Ford can redo this for 2011, fast turn around on the stamping machines or whatever. It's been done before.

    Admit fail, move on. The poll pretty much confirms that too. Other sites with the same poll have also shown the fan base general dislike of the rear too.
  19. How many of us who are voting and making an opinion have actually seen this car in person? Pictures do no justice. I saw a candy apple red GT in person with 19" wheels. I think the car looks better in every way inside and out, now I can't wait to take delivery of my grabber blue....it's gonna be christmas at the end of June when that baby gets delivered. And if you don't like the bumper.....buy an aftermarket one! I doubt Ford is going to spend money re-doing a bumper.